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PIzza Box
New location, new pies

Now parked in a semi-permanent spot outside Base Camp Brewing, formerly deep SE fave Box is firing up its in-cart wood oven seven days a week to pop out charred, non-chocolate/vanilla/strawberry Neapolitan pies like artichoke/pesto and the bacon-intense Gretel, which you can take home or chow in the brewery as you leave a trail of crust-crumbs to find your way back.

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1. PIzza Box 910 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97217

PDX favorite PIzza Box is now in a semi-permanent food truck, so now you can get your pizza fix and know where to find it next. If that's not heaven on Earth, who knows what is. Box has an in-cart wood oven that they're firing up seven days a week to make Neapolitan pies like artichoke/pesto.

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