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Because no one wants a bag that can only hold 23 beers

Because we can't spend our entire Spring writing about the Egyptian president suppressing free speech, we decided to do the next best thing: find a bunch of bags that can each hold AT LEAST a 24 pack of beer. 17 bags and 309 brewskis later, we bring you eight (including a pair that hold two 24-packs) that'll help you instantly improve your next BBQ and/or picnic and/or nursing home visit:

Hex Cabana Laptop Duffel
Holds: 24 beers
One of the nice perks of the Hex Cabana? It's spilled beer water-resistant! BUY IT

Hex Tribute Cloak Backpack
33 beers
Tired of bags made of stock wale navy blue corduroy? Behold: a rucksack made with fine wale navy blue corduroy. BUY IT

Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose "Bulldozer" Backpack
34 beers
This review just about sums it up... "I took it to Colombia for a mission trip, I have taken it to Virginia and California for business trips with my bosses. I will take it to Southwest Asia. I will let you know..." BUY IT

Kaufmann Mercantile Leather Weekend Bag
36 beers
For the next time you buy a Hex Cabana, and then realize you actually have three 12-packs that need transporting: This. BUY IT

Timbuk2 Especial Cycling Messenger Bag
41 beers
You're damn right it's Especial! 41 beers, son! BUY IT

Timbuk2 Especial Cuatro Cycling Backpack
45 beers
You're damn right it's Especial, Episode II, The Especial Strikes Back! BUY IT

Chrome Ivan Backpack
48 beers
You'd think the bag that holds TWO TWENTY-FOUR PACKS would be the awesomest one right??... BUY IT

Mission Workshop The Vandal
48 beers, a fifth of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, a bottle of Cabernet, a half-full 375mL of Bulleit Bourbon, and a 10oz-er of orange bitters...
... well, you'd be wrong. BUY IT

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