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This kitchen rolls wherever you need it

Designed by a group of chefs and gastronomy pros, the flix Live's a game-changing, expandable outdoor kitchen-cum-BBQ station on wheels that takes up as much space as a barstool, but's equipped with everything you'll need to cook up a top-of-the-line meal that'll "delight the connoisseur of good things", and also people who aren't Robin Leach.

The wood & glass rig's myriad hideaway features include dedicated drawers for cutlery, a digital scale, stainless steel spice containers, five power outlets, utensil storage, and an oil & vinegar station. Foldout wings on each side provide space for both a prep/cutting board surface and removable charcoal grill & electric burners, while a cabinet underneath has space for a propane tank or, better yet, a keg.

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