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Meet your new robo-bartender

Helping you pour drinks that don't taste like turpentine, The Barman's a new tech'd-up robo-bartender that mixes perfect cocktails start-to-finish (with a little human help) on a special weight-sensitive platform.

Just place a glass/shaker on the surface, enter its size into the dedicated app, pick a drink from the cocktail library, and on the screen, it'll show you when to start and stop pouring each ingredient via a color-changing progress bar.

Since it's equipped with the same tech found in commercial-grade postage machines, it accounts for even the slightest change in weight (e.g., salt, bitters, sugar, mini umbrellas...), and will automatically scale recipes based on your desired quantity. Plus, if you're jonesing for something tasty but have limited supplies, you can even tell the app what booze/mixers you have laying around and it'll offer suggestions other than "go to the liquor store, you lazy, good-for-nothing son of a…".

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