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  • Good Evening Thursday 2389 Mission St Venue Link

    This weekly supper club from a clan of Bar Tartine-/Farina-/Chez Panisse-pedigreed chefs n' such slings unrepentantly awesome latenight grub at Bruno's: downstairs, walk-ins can nab sub-$10 stuff like Prather Ranch hot dogs smothered in hou... More Details

  • Rosamunde Sausages in t... 2382 Mission St Venue Link

    Rosamunde's outpost's twice as big (with communal tables by the window, a flat-screen-spying cyprus bar, and cushy banquettes) and so will you be, 'cause on top of the bountiful menu served in the Lower Haight (e.g., spicy Merguez sausage, ... More Details

  • Kronnerburger 2379 Mission Street Venue Link

    KronnerBurger transforms the concept of a simple burger into a savory culinary experience usually reserved for steaks and market seafood. And they do it in a hip, candlelit setting that'll have you questioning if it's really a burger "joint... More Details

  • Buffalo Club 2331 Mission St Venue Link

    From the guys behind Tonic and Soda Popinski's, dark wood, red stools, communal tables, and a buffalo-nickel-covered buffalo skull set the scene for a menu with extra-classy-for-these-guys stuff like Humboldt Fog Bruschetta and a Margarita ... More Details

  • Myriad Gastro Pub 2491 Mission St Venue Link

    Myriad Gastro Pub is the solo project of chef Tricia Tracey (ThirstyBear Brewing Company, Momo’s, and Roti). There are small plates on offer, or larger entrees inspired by global flavors. More Details

  • Nombe 2491 Mission St Venue Link

    From peeps behind both O Izakaya and Sozai, Nombe's a retro-ish sake n' Japanese small dish-staraunt outfitted with checkered floors/walls, a six-seat wooden bar, big cushy banquettes, and a communal table for 20. More Details

  • Nombe Snack Bar 2491 Mission St Venue Link

    Nombe's got a new snack bar -- a U-shaped, streetside wood counter lined with stools -- where you can enjoy any of the joint's normal izakaya fare (Bavette steak tataki, chicken gizzards, pork spare ribs with cabbage kimchi...), plus late-n... More Details

  • 20 Spot 3565 20th St Venue Link

    This Tenderloin gastro-pub is from the guy behind Bacchus and has a kitchen helmed by a vet of Berkeley's Sea Salt, slinging American bistro fare that includes an outrageous pork loin sandwich that'll leave cheese dripping all over your pla... More Details

  • Dr. Teeth and the Elect... 2323 Mission St Venue Link

    Although inspired by the famed Muppet band, this place is about as devoid of Muppets as you can get. What they do have, however, is cheap wings, liquor on tap and beers served in Mason jars. We think this more than makes up for a little Hen... More Details

  • Hog & Rocks 3431 19th St Venue Link

    A meal so epic it takes two days to prepare, "The Feast" is a four-course tour for six (or more) featuring seasonally changing eats like a duo of jus-soaked short ribs (braised and seared), and the option to add a Whiskey Barrel Punch, whic... More Details

  • Hog & Rocks 3431 19th St Venue Link

    You could spend $250 on a World Series ticket and go to tonight's game. Or, you could buy 250 $1 oysters at your favorite/the city's only ham 'n oyster bar in the Mission. Or 225 oysters, a $9 beer-and-a-shot, and $8 plates of wings and chi... More Details

  • Hog & Rocks Anniversary... 3413 19th St Venue Link

    Help the Mission ham n' oyster bar celebrate its first year of existence this Sunday with a $25 all-you-can-eat/drink par-tay featuring ample beer and whiskey cocktails, plus a spread of mad oysters, whole roasted pig, and fried stuff, also... More Details

  • Lolinda 2518 Mission St Venue Link

    The team behind Starbelly and Beretta now have also got Lolinda, a warm, grey-and-white bricked Latin-American steakhouse under their belt. In a spot with two floors' worth of seating, leather booths, and a giant bull mural, the kitchen is ... More Details

  • Hi Lo BBQ 3416 19th St Venue Link

    Where there's wood, there's smoke, and when there's smoke, there's fire. Hi Lo is more than equipped to dole out as much meat as necessary by using a massive grill and smoker to cook up a variety of tasty BBQ, sold over the counter to their... More Details

  • Bollyhood Cafe 3372 19th St Venue Link

    Brother-from-another- mother to the Baobob/Little Baobob African joints, this spot serves up a daily-changing menu of Euro/Indian cuisine like Chicken Kathi and Coconut Saburida. They'll also host events, live music, and Bollywood screening... More Details

  • El Techo de Lolinda 2518 Mission St Venue Link

    The rooftop bar above Lolinda, El Techo's got wind guards and a retractable tent so that you can enjoy pan-Latin cuisine cozy-style. Try the skewers (chorizo? Steak with zucchini panca & onion?), or opt for a drink from their Latin-themed b... More Details

  • Hapa Ramen 2293 Mission St Venue Link

    Hapa Ramen, in their first permanent home, is the ideal place to slurp up flavorful bowls of ramen, munch on buttermilk fried chicken steamed buns (wut), and down a Polynesian-inspired cocktail menu with a Hi Lo Gimlet that's made with Hawa... More Details

  • Hog & Rocks 3431 19th St Venue Link

    The talent behind Maverick and Tres Agaves tequila're blessing SF with its first ham n' oyster bar, a classy 86-seat joint rustically outfitted with slate walls, a dark walnut bar, and a streetside patio. We recommend trying The Feast - gua... More Details

  • Taqueria Cancun 2288 Mission St Venue Link

    A taqueria that makes absolutely gigantic burritos you're gonna want to hit up after a late night at the bar. More Details

  • Lazy Bear 3416 19th St Venue Link

    With just two 40-person seatings each night from Thur-Mon, Lazy Bear is a fiercely sought-after dinner party experience, which makes sense when you realize you'll be enjoying 11+ beautiful courses from the beloved former pop-up. More Details

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