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Broken Record
American whiskey on tap from the guy behind Church Key

San Francisco

Ingenuity has been America's driving force for ages -- just look at the cotton gin, and the steam engine, and...wait -- have we not invented anything in 150 years?!!? For a piece of American ingenuity cooked up after penicillin, check out Four Roses bourbon on tap in the Excelsior

From the owner of whiskey dive Broken Record and FiDi suds heaven Church Key comes San Francisco's first-ever American whiskey on tap, only available at BR and only pouring now-available-on-the-West-Coast Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon, a 122-year-old whiskey recently reintroduced to the US market after a 40-year hiatus abroad, a term now being served by Allen Iverson. The tap-ified Four Roses -- one of 300-plus whiskeys at BR -- uses a five-gallon Cornelius keg typically reserved for home beer brewers and a 20-pound tank filled with nitrogen after failed experiments with carbon (too much foam), argon (unnecessarily expensive), and plutonium (stolen by Doc Brown). The custom-made tap handle was delivered to BR by the master distiller himself, and while the tap set-up doesn't chill the bourbon, improve its taste, or prove to be that much more efficient than pouring it out of a bottle, according to the owner: "it's still really awesome," which is exactly what A.I. keeps telling himself about the Turkish Basketball League

There're also plans to expand the whiskey empire by knocking down a third bathroom to install additional spirits taps in a new walk-in fridge, which would be another example of American ingenuity, if it hadn't been invented by a Scot. Damn you, William Cullen!

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1. Broken Record 1166 Geneva Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

Whiskey on tap? BR's got it, along with a stellar happy hour and write-home-worthy snack food.

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