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Surf with locals in Rio or get trained as a ninja in Tokyo

Saving you from "double-decker busses filled with camera-wielding, guidebook-toting tourists", AnyRoad is dedicated to curating global niche tours that are exclusively run by local tour guides, providing unseen and unique travel experiences for you and your non-fannypack wearing friends.

With over 150 tours worldwide, choose the destination that you want to travel to and/or one of six reasons for your travels, from art & architecture, to the food & alcohol that keeps you from caring about ar & architecture. Some examples:

Cave and Jeep Adventure
Rough it up with Ataz as you tear out in jeeps across rugged terrain to see where David & Goliath apparently had their famous battle, then walk around Etry & old Byzantine ruins before crawling through secret hiding caves used during the "Bar Kochva" rebellion, which may or may not be a position you're already accustomed to being in at a bar.

Surfing in Rio
Hit the beach in Rio w/ Pedro, who will take you to the best secret surf spots to shred fresh gnar and then refuel on guarana, coconuts, and, oddly enough, grilled cheese.

Ninja Training in Tokyo
Apparently it only takes 90mins to be a trained assassin and learn ninjutsu, as you'll be guided through four steps: 1) Learn the art of meditation & controlling your "ki"; 2) Kujikiri (symbolic hand gestures to channel energy); 3) Checking out weapons; 4) Hand-to-hand combat skills.

Beers and Bikes in San Fran
Mount up on two wheels and hit three different breweries (21st Amendment, Thirsty Bear Brewing, Southern Pacific Brewing Company) as you cruise through SOMA, the Mission District, and over to Haight Ashbury, eventually ending w/ a ride along the Embarcadero to AT&T Park, where if things got a bit to heavy, you may have to get off & call a cab.

Hidden Churches and Markets in London
The 4hr jaunt through the heart of London's Financial District with Pascaline hits St. Paul's Cathedral and the Priory Church of St. Bartholomew the Great, while also mixing in a bit of food and drink at three historic markets: Old Spitalfields, Smithfield (a historic meat market), and Leadenhall, which in the days of "yore" saw its share of bloody executions, but now is just filled with bloody old you.

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