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Hobbit House
Check out this bar run entirely by little people

Your shorter-than-average person can, if they really want to, find a home at Manila's Hobbit House. Where they cook the food, wait the tables, make the drinks, and put on variety shows, as the Philippine's sideshow-worthy Hobbit House is anything but an equal-opportunity employer. Here's the long and (mainly) short of it:

Hobbit House
On the surface, the Hobbit House looks like any other self-respecting, kinda-grimy Manila bar...
Hobbit House
But, wait. That stage. That eerie green light... What's this place all about, really?
Hobbit House
That's right, it's a place where "little people entertainment" has been the norm since a regular-sized person was inspired by reading Lord of the Rings in the '70s and said, "F-it! I'm building me a Hobbit House!"

[Sidebar: Rumor has it the resto was the brainchild of an American Peace Corps worker. People suffering from dwarfism in the Philippines faced severe prejudice in the workplace at the time (and probably still do today, the world over), so he decided to create an all-dwarf workforce. Take this for what it's worth... a small concession.]
Hobbit House
We're not even going to touch the political correctness of this photo... Instead, we'll calmly mention that the dude on the left is probably not Irish, and the shirt on the right definitely does not need an apostrophe.
Hobbit House
NB: The man in the powder-blue shirt is 5ft 1in.
Hobbit House
Bizarre, seemingly enjoyable times are had at the Hobbit House, and with a backdrop of framed Americana, how can they not be?
Hobbit House
It's ever-so-subtle, but that dude on the left has a pretty radical neckbeard.
Hobbit House
So go to the Hobbit House the next time you're kicking around Manila. They're sure to welcome you with open arms, even if they can't fit them around your fat stomach.
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1. Hobbit House 1212 M.H. del Pilar St. Ermita, Manila ,

This restaurant in Manila is staffed entirely by little people. Put your feet up and enjoy a brew or two, then check out the stage in the back for some live entertainment from the little people who run the place.

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