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This insect-inspired trailer was designed by a NASA architect

When you consider that your next camping trip might be inspired by an insect, you may worry... but fear not! The buzz behind the versatile and eco-friendly Cricket Trailer actually comes from the fact that it was conceived & designed by a former NASA architect who worked on the International Space Station.

The concept behind the mobile grasshopper on wheels was to create an RV that could function anywhere in nature, just like crickets. The compact and lightweight skeleton made from insulated aluminum was based on the NASA "habitation module" where astronauts eat, sleep, bathe, and do, er, space things.
The sleek design allows it be towed by a variety of vehicles (not just Beetles), and to a variety of places. So whether you're packing your surfboard to hit some waves, or your bike to hit some trails, the Cricket goes where you go.
The versatility extends to the inside, as the folding couch with table...
... transforms into a full bed. There's also space for a kitchen, shower, and potty amenities.
And if that's not enough to get you sold on the space station-inspired trailer, check out this long informative video of all the Cricket features in action.

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