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Gadgets and gear that take the suck out of travel

Traveling is one of the most rewarding things a person can do (aside from beating Contra, of course) — the places you'll see, the people you'll meet, the Dr. Seuss books you'll skim through. And because your biggest worry should be catching the puddle jumper to that festival in Ibiza, we've established a comprehensive list of top-quality bags, travel kits, and the accessories you'll need to make your journey (essentially) worry free.

Anthony Humphreys
The Leather Tool Bag Weekender from Of All Threads calls to mind Wild West traveling doctor kits. But, while you could cosset your bone saw and flask of “anesthetic” whiskey in the plaid-lined interior, we suggest a weekend’s worth of clothes. (And a flask of whiskey.) Leather buckles and magnetic snaps keep everything closed.
Of All Threads Alberta Color Block Duffle

We like tartan, snakeskin, and paisley as much as the next guy, but sometimes the best statement is an understatement. Enter: the color block duffel.
Anthony Humphreys
Of All Threads Canvas and Leather Duffle

The best of weekends demands the best of weekenders. This canvas and leather number from Of All Threads carries class and cachet, and the right amount of grit for any adventure.
Anthony Humphreys
British Belt Co. Antique Cruz Leather Messenger

This carrier is the quintessential messenger. Not only is it crafted out of 100 percent leather,  but the Cruz also features a removable laptop sleeve, ample storage space, durable burnished hardware, and a price point so amazingly unbelievable it should have its own segment on Rob Dyrdek's show Ridiculousness.
Dave Presley
Field & Stream Huntington Canvas Laptop Brief

Whether bolting around town or into the office, a durable canvas bag should always be in your arsenal. Check out this oil-finished number from F&S that features a quick-release shoulder strap.
Anthony Humphreys
The British Belt Co. Holkham Leather Messenger

No amount of finery can support the dead weight of a backpack at the office, so swaddle your TPS reports in style with this messenger. It features an internal padded laptop sleeve, black twill lining, and two front compartments to store all the compliments you'll receive from beautiful models and venerated bag crafters.
Anthony Humphreys
Bey-Berk Deluxe Travel Mate

If Wes Anderson were to cast a travel kit that would play alongside Bill Murray and somehow end up redeeming Owen Wilson, this Bey-Berk Travel Mate would be a shoe-in. Your personal grooming items aside, the leather and suede Travel Mate comes complete with a 6oz flask, a full deck of playing cards, a 5pc shoe shine kit, and a fully decked out manicure set. Solitaire just got a whole lot more difficult fun.
Anthony Humphreys
Bey-Berk Travel Shaving Set

Typically, a hotel room is a place to catch some z’s at the end of the day, meaning you should exert minimal effort on time-consuming things like questionable pay-per-view browsing and shaving. To help you knock off the latter, check out this Bey-Berk shave kit that touts a chrome-plated Mach-3 razor and pure badger hair shave brush.
Anthony Humphreys
Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

Avoid depleted batteries and superfluous late-night trips to sketchy corner stores with this 4-in-1 adapter from Flight 001. It adapts to outlets in over 150 countries and is small enough to fit inside of your un-picked pockets.
Quirky iPad Mini Crossover Case

Keeping your papers in order so you can focus on more important things, this iPad Mini Crossover Case will protect your tablet from unfortunate falls and unfortunate failures to show your ticket at the gate.
Dave Presley
LSTN The Troubadour Headphones

Long trips warrant good playlists. Good playlists deserve to be listened to through good headphones. Look no further than LSTN's Troubadour earphones. Bonus: each pair is uniquely made from reclaimed wood, and a portion of sales from every pair bought goes straight to charity.
Quirky iPad Mini Web Case

If you're more into the disorganized organization thing, the web case is the play. Like the minimalist crossover case, this will ensure all your important docs stay securely fastened to your iPad, but instead of a neat cross-strap system, you'll get a secure mesh web of chaos!

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