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Vulcan, Canada
Trekkie travel hot-spot: Vulcan, Canada

Looks like we've been totally right to be suspicious of Canadians (to the point that we call them "aliens" when they're in our country); as it turns out, Spock's hometown is just 75mi southeast of Calgary. Yup, that's right, Vulcan, Alberta exists -- and it really is out of this world.

Welcome to Vulcan, population -- 1836. On the surface it looks just about like any rural Canadian town; unlike every other rural Canadian town (besides Ork, Manitoba), it just so happens to share a name with a certain TV alien's home planet.
Town of Vulcan
Believe it or not, Vulcan's not actually the home of Spock, nor was it named by Gene Roddenberry. In fact, the berg's existed as Vulcan since 1914, when a surveyor for the Canadian Pacific Railway named it after the the Roman God of Fire. Originally a grain shipping town (thus the CPR's interest), for a brief time around WWII it was home to a Royal Canadian Airforce Station; however, it stood the risk of becoming a ghost town had it not been for the advent of Star Trek.
Town of Vulcan
Now the Vulcan economy is largely based on tourism, thanks to their immortal savior Spock, and the totally insane Trekkie fervor that surrounds him to this day.
Town of Vulcan
Christ! What's happened to Spock's ears?! Oh, wait, that's just Leonard Nimoy and his actual, totally normal-looking ears (if you can look past how wrinkly they are). He's pretty much a regular at the town's annual Spock Days celebration.
Town of Vulcan
But a trek to Vulcan isn't relegated just to Spock Days, as the town pretty much lives the dream year-round. Heck, they even have a replica of the Starship Enterprise in the town square.
Town of Vulcan
Even the tourist information center, Trek Station, is pretty much otherworldly.
Town of Vulcan
And the Spock-nasty doesn't stop there, as there are walking tours of all the town's Star Trek sights, including the Trekcetera Museum. We assume it's full of Trekkie s***, but wouldn't it be awesome if it were filled with American-made bicycles instead?
Town of Vulcan
Unlike actual Vulcan, Klingons are totally welcome in Albertan Vulcan.
Town of Vulcan
But, yeah, back to Spock Days. S*** gets pretty crazy, man... Just take it from the Vulcan Lionettes who also, apparently, double as the town's forensic crimes unit.
Town of Vulcan
You totally recognize this guy but can't name him, right? He and people like him, "famous" only for their roles on Star Trek, also stop by to talk to adoring fans and aspiring astronauts.
Town of Vulcan
"Noooooope. I didn't play that guy either..."
Town of Vulcan
Oh, and apparently these bro furries are also there... And they're MUCH closer to the type of wacky alien we're used to seeing come from Canada.
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A Canadian town that's inadvertently become a global Star Trek mecca.

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