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Blast down class 5 rapids in a jet boat

Not to be confused with the whirlpool jets in which you secretly jammed your fingers while swimming, these Whirlpool Jets are actually 1500hp diesel-powered man-machines, hauling ass up & down class 5 Niagara River rapids… though the end result after one of these knuckle-clenching rides will likely still be jammed fingers.

The trips last about 45-60mins, and they've got three locations set up: Niagara Falls, Lewiston, and Niagara-on-the-Lake.
From each departure point, you power through the Niagara Gorge (South) straight up to the 175ft waterfalls, and bolt into the famous whirlpool. Following a good spin-cycle, the tour takes you back down (North), gunning through "Devil’s Hole" Rapids and having a hell of a good time.
Some of Niagara's "Devil's Hole" Rapids boast 15-20ft waves, have currents with speeds approaching 20mph, and have been given a solid Class 5 rating. And some days, there's even the off-chance that you will get wet... Just kidding, you're 100% getting soaked.
Like, seriously wet. Watch that video.
Wanna save a little cash? Get the discounted version.
With a fleet of eight boats, these rapid-tamers hold anywhere from 40-54 passengers and hit 55mph. That's right, hold onto your butts.
Guess who just realized she was going to get wet?
In the lame chance you don't want to get soaked, they do offer covered jet boats that look like something out of G.I. Joe and ensure you won't ever have to cover your face.

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