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You too can soon be laughing over wine!

Dating sites typically match couples based on stated preferences generally fabricated to attract other singles -- if someone's that into "curling up with a good book", then why are they browsing the net for Moby Dick? Focusing on things you'll actually do together instead: How About We.

Just opening up to applicants in The District, HowAboutWe realizes its credo of "going online to get offline" by eschewing general predictors of compatibility in favor of matching couples based upon one's interest in the other's proposed date itinerary, an idea hatched by founders who met over "a crayon jar in kindergarten", and thus refuse to answer any further questions about their own dating preferences until they see the subpoena. Start by proposing your own date and rating several already-outlined outings (e.g. bar golf on H St. ending with actual golf at H St. Country Club), then upload your pic and complete a quick profile with basic info (age, height, fondness for drinking/exercise); your date/profile will subsequently be auto-sent to singles who might be down, as calculated by a "matching algorithm", also what MIT girls obsess over when prepping for their big nights out. After that, you'll be free to browse dates/persons in the area, and respond to eye-catchers by "poking" them with an "I'm intrigued" note, or directly messaging someone you like (i.e., is hot) with a counter proposal, which better not involve The Proposal, as she'll probably notice you emphatically mouthing all the lines.

The system will continue to magically hone in on your love preferences as you respond to emailed date props with an "accept" or "decline", but not a Decline and Fall, as you've clearly already been through that. Oh, hot coco on a rainy night is so good!

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