A man can only take so many meals at glitzed-out, sceney restaurants before going broke, going on an anti-small-plates rampage, or strangling the botoxed actor speaking loudly about his upcoming cop/hobo buddy flick. For an alternative to this nonsense, check out Abode.Abode's the perfect spot for when you want to impress, but don't want to watch Wolfgang Puck puckishly hump your wallet. Menu-wise, while it's run by the couple behind the veggie-patchouli'd cafe Anastasia's Asylum, it's also got delicious meated dishes like Pork Osso Bucco that'll save you from morosely deciding between tofu and tofu. Everything's made with sustainable ingredients, forestalling environmentalist tirades from your date -- basically, the replenishment time for your Scallops w/ Satsusma Tangerines is only slightly longer than it takes to lose her interest discussing the nuances of "Castlevania." Finally, the clandestine, alleyway location should prevent the Baldwins and other pretty-boy/formerly-pretty-boy brothers from ever finding the place. So get a table and enjoy a relaxing meal, secure in the knowledge that your only celebrity run-in'll be when you take her to the Pier and Billy B. begs you for change.