Food & Drink


Going out involves so many decisions: yes, that new place downtown has some amazing artisanal cocktails, but on the other hand, that blind guy's playing lap guitar at the Double Deuce, and it's been over a week since your last knife fight. If you can't make up your mind, hit Savour/Sutra

Quietly opened this week, the site of former Felix/Spy Lounge hosts multiple bars, rooms, lofts, and nooks offering everything from semi-classy dining to semi-naked grinding, allowing you to Choose Your Own Nightlife Adventure without ever leaving the premises (or being buried alive or eaten by a dinosaur). The feeding side of the slash-mark is Savour: sporting its own cozy, brick-facade back-bar, it's an orange-walled, candlelit dining hall serving up substantial American eats like Shrimp & Penne Creole, lump crab cakes, Citrus Pork Chops and Sage (two 4oz chops w/ corn/yellow squash/zucchini), Grilled New Zealand Rack of Lamb (w/ asparagus & rosemary demi-glace), and a ham/turkey/Swiss/beer-mustard sandwich called the "Adams Morgan Gentleman", who always pulls out the chair for his date before running away with her purse. For liquitarians, there's Sutra: a wood-paneled, wide open lounge with high ceilings, wall-nooked, Eastern-inspired gold statues, a long granite bar, and a semi-private loft packed with plush black couches, presenting possibilities for both canoodling, and scrounging enough change for an Appletini for that girl you're hoping to canoodle with

For those hoping to get down with the get-down, a staircase between the two main rooms leads to a third-floor dance-party room kept intentionally devoid of furniture and very, very dark -- as things get hump-tastic your only decision will be, when exactly is it time to not be nice?