Upstairs at The Black Squirrel

Whether they live in a mansion or a hovel, guys are always most psyched to show off that one room dedicated to their favorite stuff -- like T-Pain and his game room filled with vintage arcade machines, or MC Hammer and his pantry filled with vintage Cup O' Noodles. Dying to show you their new Upstairs: The Black Squirrel.

Quietly opened above the well-regarded AdMo suds-spot, the Squirrel's Upstairs is a long, exposed brick galley stuffed with leather ottomans, and boasting a neon-lit bar that serves as a shrine to fine Belgian and Belgian-style beers, plus esoteric high-gravities, so named because of your increased tendency to fall after consumption. The elevated drafts include raspberry-flavored St. Louis Framboise Lambic, the World Beer Cup-crushing, 9% ABV Carolus Tripel, and the silky-stout, Belgian dark candy-infused Allagash Black; as well as winter seasonals like Bell's Winter White Ale (a blend of "Hefe and classic Belgian-style yeasts"), and Atwater Brewery VooDoo Vator Dopplebock", a 9.5% ABV killer from "the mean streets of Detroit", aka "anywhere in Detroit". The gloves come off with their 9 new beertails, including the Carolus Tripel/orange vodka "Tripel O", the Carolus Noel/Godiva Chocolate liqueur "Chocolate Bomb", and a "hedonistic brew" of Lucifer Belgian Strong Pale Ale/Tanqueray/lemon juice/grenadine simply called "The Devil", whose sneaky-smoothness makes ordering it a plan of stealth and waste.

They're still working out the new food offerings, but at the very least they'll have homemade potato chips, toffee, and spiced nuts...the other thing guys are always dying to show you.