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Why Brandshop Won't Be The Same Without Nicole

From her obsession with Cholula, to her creativity, and her incredible kindness, it goes without saying that Brandshop won’t be the same without Nicole. But, because she’s a writer, we tried our best to put it into words anyway -- traditional Thrillist listicle style. Nicole, we won’t forget the impression you left on our team anytime soon, so don’t forget about us while you go and make the world a better place. 

She’s a cookbook club fanatic 

There is no one else I would have rather spent 9AM kitchen coffee chats with than Nicole.  She emits light, positivity and kindness in everything she does.  Thank you for being so nice to me when I started and for loving Cookbook Club as much as I do (even found a picture with both of us in it!). -- Ashley Eyzengart

Her passion for good content shines through her work

Nicole is one of the rare souls that has an unrivaled sense of duty to writing and creative. I've made the mistake of editing her excellent writing in the past - both the content and I suffered for it :) Nicole will be missed greatly - it's a hole that can't be filled with another "new hire" - she truly has made a mark on Brandshop - her influence won't fade fast. -- Conor Spicer 

"She emits light, positivity and kindness"

Nobody on Brandshop will run a marathon after this

I mean, if we're being honest. Thanks for making us all look bad with your "heartbreaking-yet-inspirational relationship story" and your career that's "good" for "society." Ugh! In all seriousness, you're an inspiration in so many ways and an amazing person to work with. It's been a fun few years and we'll all have a Nicole-shaped hole in our hearts, at least when we aren't seeing you at happy hour. -- Stephen Rubino

She’s the most patient of teachers 

Nicole and I only just got the chance to work together recently, but in that short time, I quickly realized she was not only an awesome writer, but also a hilariously fun colleague. She's always ready to shoot the breeze on Slack, whether the subject is reality TV or a client's odd choice of messaging. I'm so lucky that I had her to hold my hand through writing my first video and IGS scripts. We're going to miss you, Nicole!  -- Annalise Mantz Lowenstein

She’s queen of the welcoming committee 

Brandshop is so lucky to have had you as long as we have. You are a shining light and I’ve truly appreciated how welcoming you’ve been as the PS team joined the group. Wishing you the best of luck and continued success! -- Rebecca Gruber

… especially in the morning 

Back in the days of actually being in a physical office, Nicole was a reliable morning greeting committee of 1 because she was always first in most mornings. The most positive attitude even in the face of crazy client requests -- on written, video, and anything in between. Doesn't matter what it is, Nicole bings her A+ game to all and I'm confident your next chapter will be no different! -- Yosef Johnson 

She’s the “gold standard” of humans 

It's rare that someone is smart AND beautiful AND kind AND funny AND weird (in a good way). It is even rarer that I like these kinds of people, because, c'mon, seriously?? The rest of us are NOT working with that arsenal of A+ qualities, and it's frankly kind of infuriating that she is. But along with being all of these things, Nicole is ALSO so gosh darn nice and charming I can't even get mad at her for being the gold standard of human beings. Also she's an incredible writer and I can't wait to PA for her when she writes & directs a movie about her experience saving people w/ social work and/or running a marathon. This is already too long, sorry, but Nicole, I love you so much and I'm already Zillow-ing our house in LA together when you wise up and move back to the best coast. -- Sylvie Krekow

"Every campaign I’ve gotten to collab with you on has been a dream"

She will literally weather a storm with you

Finding a coworker that will go for a run with you is easy. Finding a coworker who will go for a run with you in 39-degree weather, in a rainstorm, on a Sunday morning is damn near impossible. But Nicole has been going above and beyond since the day she joined Copycats, whether she’s making a story about Topgolf’s menu sound like serious food journalism or becoming a seemingly overnight expert in video scripting. I will miss her positive attitude & generous spirit, trading stories about our finance bro partners, and, most of all, her obsessive knowledge of TikTok because now I guess I’ve finally gotta download that thing. — Andrea Morabito

Collaborating is her middle name 

Nicole! I don’t think I need to tell you how much you’re going to be missed around the ’shop. Every campaign I’ve gotten to collab with you on has been a dream, as has every IRL girltalk hangout (remember hanging out???). You are unbelievably kind, generous, patient, and that’s probably exactly what motivated you to go get your MSW. Damn you! We’ll miss you so much but I’m so excited to hear about all the ways you’re going to change the world <3 -- Alyssa Kurtzman

Two words: microwave burritos

No exaggeration, Nicole quietly awaiting her Annie’s burrito in the microwave might be one of the greatest and purest forms of joy I have experienced while working at G9. I will miss her endearing microwave burrito habit, but more so I will miss how every interaction with Nicole—even just chitchatting in the kitchen while waiting for the microwave—was / is so filled with kindness. Nicole is a walking ray of sunshine whose leaving will be so felt. If her microwaving a burrito and just asking me how I’m doing had the power to make my day in the office, I can’t imagine the power Nicole will have to make an impact on the world with a freaking masters degree in social work. Jeez. -- Katie Quinlisk 

She definitely is stuck with a few of us

Nicole, you may be leaving Brandshop, but you won’t be getting rid of me so easily. Thank you for being my sounding board and cheerleader in all matters -- be it with a video script or how to take care of my plants. I will miss our daily slack conversations, but fully intend to just text you constantly. (Sorry, not sorry). I couldn’t have asked for a better teammate, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to now have you as a friend. -- Christie Rotondo 

… for life 

There aren’t enough words, TikTok notifications, or Co-Star revelations to express how much your friendship means to me. I never introduce you as a co-worker, because you’ve become one of my closest friends and inspirations. The fact that we just happen to work together and laugh at Paul’s dad jokes, watch Max turn into an alcoholic Julia Child, demand Cannoli and garden photos from Christie, wonder if Stephen is standing or lying down, and see which White Claw flavor Andrea is sipping on while handling allllll the business is just a bonus. I LOVE U AND CAN’T WAIT TO HUG U, GRAD! -- Thelma Annan 

She makes us all feel a little closer 

I met Nicole on slack back in the summer of 2018. She became my first REAL 'Internet friend' and showed me that you can be close even if you live far (if only we knew then, how helpful this would be now). Thanks for being the most incredible writer, and friend first. Cheers to our virtual happy hours, cat video swaps, and obsessions with both bathtubs and trails. I know one day, we will hike together :) - Dani Bruckman

There’s nothing like “Nicole” energy 

Nicole, I am beyond heartbroken to think about a day when I walk into our office without seeing the bright shining light that is you to start the day right. I think of all the times we've spent together at work and outside of work, all of our talks, lost subway rides, hilarious moments of working in absolute insanity but finding the greatest joys in those moments thanks to your radiant, amazing, one-of-a-kind, Nicole-energy. I am truly in such awe of the way you touch every single person you're around with your spirit, laughter, sincerity, openness, perfectionism, dedication to doing the right thing, and deeply loving soul. I've said this before, I'll say it again, you are an absolute hero to me and I feel so lucky to call you a friend forever <3 Love you so much -- Lilly Kanso


Brandshop won't be the same without Nicole because of the energy she brings into the room that is so unique and special. She brings a new definition to calm, COOL, and collected. I appreciate Nicole's story so much and her strength with anything that comes her way. She is a force we've been blessed to have and we all know she will do immensely powerful things on this next journey. Love always. -- Courtney Christine 

She single-handedly got the writing team addicted to Yerba Mate 

Nicole has been a positive force since the moment she joined the team, and quickly became an absolute joy to read. I’ve always been so impressed by her drive to master something and become an authority on it, doubly so when she’s Yerba Mate’d up. I don’t know what to call a feeling that is both deeply sad to lose her and so stoked for the adventure she’s embarking on, but I sure know I feel it. Sponsored by Yerba Mate. -- Max Plenke 

… and is the authority on all things tacos

Approaching Nicole's departure (DON'T GO!), she has been such an integral part of the Brandshop family. Her love of tacos and margaritas have never failed to bring the team together on a Friday afternoon after a long week. Nicole's marketing skills for the infamous Shampoo Avenue B have also shown me *the best* balayage color treatment a gal could hope for. Most of all, she's been the ideal coworker and more: sweet, whitty, hardworking, and passionate about her craft. She'll be absolutely missed, but I know we're all thrilled for the journey ahead of her. -- Jolie Greenstone

Who else will cry at the sight of kittens? 

Nicole: You have been such an indispensable team member for as long as I can remember! No matter how absurd or difficult the project, you were always such a joy to work with. I'll never forget your kindness, incredible work ethic, or how you cried when you held the kittens on the Arm & Hammer photo shoot. You're irreplaceable and I'm so thankful to know you and count you as a friend. Best of luck back in school, they're so lucky to have you. -- Noah Williams

Even her boss likes her

How can I put into words what Nicole has meant to Brandshop... Actually, it's pretty simple. Those words are "Yerba Mate." And "microwavable burritos." And "tequila." And "Nicole Theodore has checked in at reception on floor 10 to see you." And "Do you have a second to talk about [client name redacted by HR] and how they're making me lose my mind?" But also "great writer." And "great editor." And "overall pretty decent human." We'll miss you, Nicole. Please study hard so you can save the world when you graduate. -- Paul Ulane

She brings out creativity (and poetry) in all of us 

When I think of Nicole, I think of burritos. 
When I think of Nicole, I think of Tapatio. 
When I think of Nicole, I think of her hushed laugh at my lame jokes. 
When I think of Nicole, I think of the annoying campaigns we’ve had to trudge through together, that I wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for her. 
When I think of Nicole, I think of a friend for life. 
When I think of Nicole, Brandshop just wouldn’t be the same without her. 
Don’t leave us <3 -- Dolapo Sangokoya 

She slays both kickboxing and gingerbread-house-making

I know our time together was short, but I wanted to say I’ll miss sitting one desk away from you! (Thanks a lot, Thelma.) The office won’t be the same without you and your cheerfulness! Especially on Mondays, haha. Also, just gonna say you killed it at all of the morning breakfasts, the gingerbread-house making, and most importantly, that time we all went kickboxing :’) We truly had a great table. Thank you for being the best!! Keep doing great things. -- Rosie Bellon 

"She probably is a secret Jedi"

She’s a consummate fixer

I suppose I always thought of Nicole as a fixer. Like Michael Clayton, or Liam Neeson in the 2000s. If you needed someone with a special set of skills to bushwhack a path through a jungle of thick-headed client demands, Nicole could do it. It seems only appropriate that now, having conquered the world of digital advertising, she would turn her attention towards fixing the world that really matters, and stitch up the social fabrics that have become so badly frayed these last few years. Also, like Liam Neeson, she probably is a secret Jedi, whose spirit will live on as a force ghost in Brandshop long after she has moved on. OK, this is getting weird, I should end it. Nicole, it’s been a true pleasure working with you, and always a great comfort knowing you were on the case. Godspeed. -- Doug Hubbard

Thanks to her, the word “soft” will never be the same 

I will miss the amazing attitude Nicole brings to every creative task and her ability to be a world-class collaborator hashing out ideas. I will miss Nicole’s deep and abiding knowledge of the mysterious and ethereal concept we call “soft.” I will miss the compassion and empathy Nicole brought every time a subject or potential subject was interviewed. -- Philip DeRise

Her work speaks for itself

Nicole, it has been a pleasure to get to know you and wish we had more time to jump on a campaign together! Your legacy of work speaks for itself, and we will all truly miss you. Keep shining and going after your passions. I'll miss ya. Stay safe and have fun on your new adventure! -- Alexis Perrin 

She is downright inspiring 

Nicole you are one of the greatest colleagues I have ever had! And friends!! I'm honored to have worked on so many projects with you. Since the early days of Brandshop we've been figuring out these cool puzzles together. Each time, you go at the challenge 110% with enthusiasm, skillz, humor, and integrity. It’s always inspiring! I wish you all the luck in the world on your new path and please stop in and say hello whenever you're in the Bay Area. -- Ezra Gould

She makes time for everyone 

I will miss Nicole's eternal kindness and the fact that she once allowed me to interrupt a macaroni & cheese lunch to vent about a script. -- Samantha Sasso 

Simply put, she is the sunshine of Brandshop

Nicole, you are the sunshine of Brandshop, the angel of the office & the kindest of us all. Thanks for consistently being the most caring co-worker, friend, + "writer" POC everyday. I expect a weekly drop in to the office (post covid) for either morning coffee or Tacombi "meetings." Can't wait to see you follow your dreams. -- Michelle Lifavi

Gam Dhliwayo