A place for eating, more eating, and dancing

After an all-you-can-eat, the move's usually to go home, pass out, and blissfully dream about the kind of women you'd get with if only you could stop eating all you can. Inviting you to endlessly feast, then stay and party: Braza Dancante.

After years spent running Nizza Pizza joints, plus another year of permit hassles and construction delays, a Far North Dallas restaurateur has finally opened up this majestic hybrid combining a churrascaria's all-you-can-eat meat (and salad bar!) with the all-you-can-dance (or not dance!) of a music lounge. Walking through the huge double doors, you'll find a massive room centered around a lap pool-sized granite-topped bar lorded over by a wrought-iron chandelier whose resin adornments evoke giant bacon strips; beyond that, a quartet of two-story stained-glass panels (each depicting licking flames) adorn the east wall, while the north end features booths illuminated by color-changing mood lighting that also spills into a glassed-in wine cellar as big as your first apartment, with bottles starting at $32, and climbing up to a $1250 Chateau Margaux, plus other fine-stuff from Darouche and Murphy Goode -- also how a near-catatonic Al Davis described Louis before the 2009 draft. Four nights a week from 9p-2a, Braza will bump, with live bands on weekends (Top 40 covers, with lambada & more coming), and Wed/Thurs DJs playing country and Brazilian, but not Country Brazilian, because Rio cannot handle the unbridled sexuality of Kenny Chesney's naked arms.

Further separating Braza from the typical skewered-protein spot is a front patio boasting 20+ tables, its own full bar, and square footage about the equivalent of a high-school swimming pool -- if the women you're dreaming of hang at one of those, you can look forward to a life of less tempting buffets, and a fear of passing out lest the party turn out to be you.