Asian hybrid hits Allston

They say that if you can make it in Quincy, you can make it anywhere, as long as it's named Revere. And maybe even Allston, as evidenced by Blue Asia Café, soft opening now.

From a family that's done this before down in the Z, BAC is a colorful counter-service lunch/dinner spot (located in the former LAB boutique) that serves an eclectic menu of Chinese/Japanese/Korean-fusion noodles, bento rice plates, and sushi in a 37-seat space featuring light wood counters/tables, mod white plastic chairs/red light fixtures, and brightly painted walls adorned with giant white butterflies and a Hello Kitty-esque picture of a cat under a tree, making it just one My So-Called Life poster short of being legally classified as a high school bedroom. Pan Asian favorites include juicy sliced and sautéed pork belly w/ spicy kimchi; Korean beef bulgogi stir-fry w/ white rice and pan fried egg; and a generously sauced "Beef Bibimbap" served over assorted veggies in a steaming hot stone pot that can't stop giggling whenever you try and pronounce Bibimbap. There's also creative Pacific Rim deliciousness like a Crispy Chicken Rice Roll (chicken cutlet, dried pork, and spicy mayo); tangy soy bean paste in meat sauce over noodles; and the hot-dog, egg, and cheese Micky's Rice Sushi Roll, perfect for the man who says "oh crap, we're at an Asian restaurant?".

Because BAC knows about your sweet tooth, they've also got desserts like mini rice balls in red bean soup; Hokkaido Chiffon cake; a syrup-covered soy pudding with peanut and Boba; and a strawberry/pineapple condensed milk shaved ice treat called P.S. I Love You, and if they can make that, then it's only a matter of time until you're wrapping your meal with a delicious You've Got Mail.