Garlic 'n Lemons

When life deals you lemons, you've got two options: make lemonade, or politely inform the pit boss that life is not dealing regulation cards. Or, make half a restaurant with them, like Garlic 'n Lemons, opening Thursday. From two Aceituna Café alums eager to open their own place, GnL's a late night Mediterranean-inspired Lebanese fast food joint serving favorites like roll-ups, kebabs, and specialty burgers in a brightly lit yellow/red spot complete with artistic b&w photos of the city, 10 granite-top tables w/ light wood chairs, and a line of vertical rotisseries, the whole of which were quietly psyched when you drafted Carlos Baerga. Handheld deliciousness includes marinated beef sausage Makanek rolled up w/ garlic...lemons (!), and tomatoes; Halloumi (olive, cucumber, cheese, tomato) on a pita; and thinly sliced beef cold cuts seasoned w/ paprika and cumin called Bastirma (just add cocoa and mascarpone for a delightful Bastiramisu). There're also combos/platters like a flame-broiled eggplant burger kebab plate w/ hummus and Greek salad; a spicy garlic-sauced rotisserie chicken shawarma w/ fatoush salad and rice; and the ground Kefta patty GnL Burger blended with coriander/minced onions and served w/ Aleppo peppered potatoes, because Aleppo is full of questions, and potatoes seem so wise. If you prefer your 3am snacks light(ish), there're meat/spinach/cheese pies, $1 falafel, and deep-fried cauliflower; also GnL's rockin' an opening promo special: buy anything on the menu and get a free falafel roll-up, which is what you're going to do to life, sans the falafel, if he keeps messing with your card game.