The Hundreds

Remember back in the early 90s when you used to shred and grind without a worry in the world, as long as you had your phat deck and some sick Airwalks? Of course you don't, but... you have played a ton of Tony Hawk. So, close enough. Re-live it for the first time with The Hundreds. Drawing inspiration from Cali's early 90's skate scene, the Fall drop from this streetwear-cum-footwear-cum-eyewear brand metaphorically sends you back to (middle) school with a crazy diverse selection of apparel/gear laden with graphic tees, button ups, hoodies, caps, kicks, and even backpacks, finally giving you a chance to retire your "TED" monogrammed L.L. Bean. Shirtwise, TH rocks a slew of logoed, story-themed tees like the Heavyweights, an orange cotton crewneck with "Godzilla vs. Bambi: King of the Jungle" fight poster on the front; the teal Loom that reads "The Hundreds Is Huge, Incorporated" in shadowed, yellow block lettering; and the black/green short-sleeve Mathletes, that sports a nerdy tie-wearing Mickey-esque cartoon animal replete with broken glasses, protractor, and a Second Life avatar that pulls a ton of ass. Other up-top outerwear includes the white/blue trim fleece Bradington zip up w/ striped jersey lined hood; Thurston, a red/teal plaid short-sleeve button up w/ front breast pocket named for the Sonic Youth frontman; and an outlandish teal/purple/black striped cashmere/acrylic sweater described as what you'd get "if a zebra and a kangaroo mated and then wanted to show off a little chest hair" -- goddamn, do these guys know how to sell a sweater!To finish off the look, TH breaks out hats like a mesh denim snapback w/ leather trademark patch; the Johnson Mid sneaker w/ perforated grey leather upper; and a black canvas three-compartment backpack called the Paparazzi, which never used to follow you back in the day, or really now, but... you see a ton of Gisele on Newbury!