During the Renaissance, man was expected to demonstrate a breadth of competencies -- Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and designed the Laurentian Library, while Da Vinci conceptualized a helicopter and, wrote a code about Tom Hanks. For a Renaissance restaurant experience, hit @Union, now open.

Owners of an upscale lobster spot in their native South Korea, the proprietors of @Union didn't want to abandon the concept completely, instead opting to open a hybrid coffee shop/all-day breakfast-through-dinner joint that serves up everything from pancakes and eggs to rotisserie chicken and lobsters in an airy beige/red-walled 15-table space decorated w/ a dark wood counter, ubiquitous chalk board menus, and tiled, high school gym-esque lettering on the wall that spells "U-N-I-O-N" -- because everyone knows @Union is going to smoke those bums from #Central. Meaty entrees include a marinated half/whole chicken or roasted ham w/ sweet corn and mashed potatoes; the grilled @Union Rib eye basted in a spicy sauce; and a fried-rice-accompanied lobster seasoned with whole chilis -- a smarter, and universally tastier option than using half-bennigans. Union also grills up burgers and "rotiwiches" like a BBQ sauce-drowned cheeseburger topped w/ crispy bacon; a rotisserie turkey w/ Swiss cheese, avocado, and basil; and the @Union Steak, a jalapeno mayo-slathered steak and American cheese sammie that hopefully won't leave you @TheBathroom.

If omelets and coffee are more your bag, there's a full breakfast menu served until 10pm that includes everything from pancakes and French toast to waffles and breakfast sammies; the cafe also serves up Illy coffee, protein smoothies, and free Wi-Fi all day long, so you can scour the Net for more clues about Jesus potentially fathering a son with Joe Vs The Volcano.