Food & Drink

A variety of Indian dishes in Alpharetta

When you've mastered your craft, the next move is going where the money is, whether that's taking a new job in a richer city, or ferreting out a more affluent set of people to purchase your Avon products. Movin' on up to serve Alpharetta, Madras Chettinaad

From a family that's owned four previous restaurants in Atlanta, Savannah, and Decatur, Chettinaad's coming for deep-pocketed Alpharetta with South Indian ingestibles, in a 220-seater diner/banquet hall with glossy pottery, dome chandeliers, red and tan bamboo sticks lining beige walls, curved red sectional dividing walls between chair and booth seating, and a welcoming statue of Ganesha, the elephant-bodied Hindu god of wisdom and success, whom you should definitely give your business card. Starter options commence with stuff like the meatless Chili Bhajiya (deep-fried hot pepper fingers in chick-pea flour batter), and boneless, North Indian sauce-marinated Chicken Tikka bites, cooked in a Tandoor oven, while house specialties range from Kozhi Varutha Curry chicken w/ Indian pizza-like lentil uthappam pancakes, to mysore chutney-layered, lentil flour-based crispy crepes called Mysore Masala Dosa -- named after a Hindu demon who could change from human to buffalo and back, but you already knew Al Roker's evil. Rice dishes're headlined by Chicken or Lamb Biryani (Basmati rice cooked w/ onion, tomato, & special spices), while curry dinners include 13 veggie plates (eg, Aloo Gobi: cauliflower & potatoes in red gravy, sauteed w/ tomatoes and green & red peppers), or carnivorous chomps like Shrimp Curry cooked in coconut gravy, boneless Lamb or Goat Chettinaad (cooked in Chett. gravy), or the shredded, creamy red masala sauce-cooked Butter Chicken, w/ optional sides like multi-layered Tandoori Paratha, or Tandoor-baked Naan, which Trick Daddy seems to think you don't know

If you're a good boy, there're housemade desserts like Pistachio Ice Cream and Kheer (cardamom & pistachio-flavored Basmati rice pudding), and sweet shakes like the thick yogurt & mango-blended Mango Lassi; you can also BYOB for a nominal corkage fee until the full bar's available, or until they ferret out a more affluent man to drink their booze.