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The Best Bars in Portland Right Now

Updated On 12/13/2017 at 06:24PM EST
Hale Pele

Hale Pele

Lloyd District

Beloved and kitschy tiki bar
You’d think a decked out tiki bar would be better in summer, but given that Hale Pele is mostly closed to the outside, it’s actually the perfect cold weather bar. When the rains come in winter months, you can hide out at HP and feel transported to a tropical island. That, and the drinks are really, really good, elevating the tiki aesthetic to a craft cocktail level with house-made syrups and high-end rums.




Ostentatious cocktail lounge with killer food
It’s rare that a bar’s food threatens to overshadow its drinks, but most bar menus aren’t written by Naomi Pomeroy, head chef of the famous prix fixe spot Beast, which sits right across the street from Expatriate. Luckily, Expatriate’s founder and Pomeroy’s husband, Kyle Webster, manages to keep up with her Asian-style chicken & waffles and Indian-spiced fries by putting out his own fantastic and innovative cocktails, all in a lush and cozy Asian-European-styled space.

Alex Frane/Thrillist


Mississippi Avenue

Rustic and classy late-night gastropub
When it comes to eating a full dinner at a bar, Interurban is hard to beat. It blurs the line between restaurant and pub with delicious cocktails, including bottled ones to share -- and rich, rustic New American cuisine with a French touch. Nice beer and wine selections round everything out, and the happy hour offers great deals, including $5 glasses of wine and house cocktails. The back patio is winter friendly, with a cover to keep out the rain and a fire pit to keep you warm.

Alex Frane/Thrillist

Aalto Lounge


Amazing happy hour with $3 cocktails and food
Let’s get happy hour out of the way: $3 cocktails and snacks, 5pm to 7pm, every day. But Aalto Lounge exists outside of those hours, serving affordable cocktails and light dishes in a chic, mid-century design setting all night. A partially covered patio means outdoor drinking all year, and each night features local DJs spinning inside. The bar manages to feel like a casual neighborhood haunt and a swanky cocktail lounge simultaneously.

The Knock Back

The Knock Back

Alberta Arts

Unpretentious neighborhood hangout with solid beer-shot combos
There are many bars on Alberta, but The Knock Back has a special warmth to it, and manages to hit that precise midpoint between a cocktail lounge and a neighborhood hangout. The drinks are well-executed but unpretentious, with slushy drinks and shot and beer combos next to craft cocktails. The food menu is full of fun bar snacks, like bacon Parmesan popcorn and a wide selection of sliders. The dog-friendly front patio, covered and heated, is busy all year round.

Bit House Saloon

Bit House Saloon


Trendy hotspot for inventive cocktails and hard to find spirits
The massive brick-lined, leather-filled Bit House Saloon was a hit in 2016, quickly making a name for itself with a dedicated bar staff pouring inventive cocktails, boilermakers, and whiskeys of all kind. Now, the original bar crew has departed for other ventures, but the quality and busy atmosphere remain the same, with exciting new concoctions regularly appearing, a bustling upstairs venue for parties and shows. In 2017, BHS also had chef Ricky Bella overhaul the food menu, making it a great dinner destination as well.

Andy Kryza/Thrillist

Clyde Common


One of Portland's most respected cocktail bars
Portland’s “celebrity bartender” Jeffrey Morgenthaler can still be found behind the stick at Clyde Common most nights, despite having his own cocktail lounge downstairs, Pépé le Moko (a great bar in its own right). But no matter who you get, you’re guaranteed excellent service and great drinks at this full restaurant and bar. While house cocktails like the barrel aged negroni are a major draw, there’s also a stellar whiskey selection and robust wine list.

La Moule

La Moule


Sexy Belgian bistro and bar
La Moule started strong in October 2015, and has since only honed its wares. It’s a beautiful and cozy space, with heart/mussel wallpaper, dim lighting, and a gorgeous copper bar top. With chef Aaron Barnett crafting delicious French- and Belgian-influenced dishes, most notably the eponymous mussels, it’s arguably more of a relaxed bistro than a bar. But when sipping on a cocktail, Belgian beer, sherry, absinthe, or any of the other amazing drinks here, you’d be hard pressed to call it one or the other.

Rum Club

Rum Club


Divey cocktail bar where local bartenders hang
Head into Rum Club at any point and you’ll likely run into an off-shift bartender from your other favorite spot, sipping on a daiquiri or throwing back a shot of rum and a beer. But that doesn’t mean the bar is exclusive. What it is a celebration of rum, with excellently made drinks and a voluminous collection of the spirit, served in a casual, dive-bar like atmosphere. Those who aren’t fans of rum can find whiskey, tequila, and gin drinks on the menu, but the focus is still primarily on the sugarcane.

Shift Drinks


Cavernous, industrial cocktail bar with all day happy hour
Shift Drinks operates on the principle that anyone, regardless of their job, should have a welcoming place to grab a drink after work, whether their preference leans towards cocktails, beer, or wine. As such, the industrial-chic bar serves happy hour all day, with cocktail specials, draft beers, as well as elegantly prepared bar snacks. For those looking for something more indulgent, the cocktails filling the regular menu, prepared by bar manager Alise Moffat, are exceptional. The expertly cultivated wine menu makes this place not only a destination for cocktails, but one of the best wine bars in the city.

Teardrop Lounge

Teardrop Lounge

Pearl District

Portland's seriously OG cocktail lounge
Sure, Portland had a cocktail scene before Teardrop opened a little over a decade ago, but nothing like what the bar helped usher in. TDL put Portland on the map for its dedication to classic cocktails and carefully developed menu of original drinks. Today it maintains its relevance with a three-part menu of original, classic, and borrowed drinks that alternate with the season. Don’t come here expecting beer, wine, or a full meal, but do expect some of the most well-crafted mix drinks you can find in town.

Vintage Cocktail Lounge

The Vintage Cocktail Lounge


Small bar serving craft cocktails -- good for dates
Tucked into the Montavilla neighborhood, The Vintage offers an extensive menu of, unsurprisingly, vintage cocktails, sorted by spirit type. The shotgun house of a bar is warm yet dark, dominated by a towering wall of spirits, ready to be poured by knowledgeable staff members. It’s a great place for a date or a quiet night out, less so for raucous groups.

Courtesy of Bar Casa Vale

Bar Casa Vale


Homey Spanish tapas bar with great sangria
BCV took Portland by storm this year, bringing yet another excellent bar to the Buckman neighborhood. The gorgeous brick and tile bar plays host to an array of Spanish wines and sherries, as well as gin and tonics, brandy cocktails, and more. Drinking snacks and larger fare have a Spanish twist, with much of it cooked over a direct flame. The happy hour, served both early and late as well as all day Sundays, offers great options on sherry flights, sangria, and snacks.

Courtesy of Bible Club

Bible Club


A time machine to the Prohibition era
There’s been plenty written about Bible Club’s amazing interior, exclusively filled with vintage furniture and equipment; even the floor and ceilings trace their origins to the early 20th century. There’s more to it than that, however. The drinks are some of the priciest in the city, but they’re worth the indulgence, with bartenders drawing from pre-Prohibition for influence (but more than willing to develop their own based on your tastes). The crowd skews older than most spots in the city, making it a nice getaway for non-millennials, a rare gift in Portland.


Trifecta Tavern


Rugged Northwestern restaurant and bar with a cheeseburger happy hour
Though technically a restaurant, Trifecta’s bar dominates most of the space, and the voluminous menu offers as many cocktails as food items. At the long marble bar, creative drinks are made including charred wood cocktails, clarified milk punches, frozen martinis, swizzles and more. The full rustic Northwestern dinner menu is available at the bar, with fun happy hour offerings throughout the week, including the famous pimento double cheeseburger.

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The Best Places in Portland to Watch the FIFA World Cup

Published On 06/08/2018
P ortland doesn’t have a major league baseball team, or an NFL team, or a hockey team. We DO, however, have two soccer teams -- one of which even sent players to the World Cup in 2015 to help the United States win the finals (it was the Portland Thorns, the women’s team, at the Women’s World Cup). The point is, while we’re usually not seen as anything other than a basketball city, we do love our soccer.
Even without the US in the World Cup, there are plenty of bars around town who will be showing the games -- even the crazy early ones, as many matches will take place at the 3, 4, and 5am hours (this thing is in Russia, of all places). The action kicks off June 14, and we’ll be updating this list with more parties, events, and bars as they pop up. Also, to help out ever more, we asked John Strong -- the lead Major League Soccer voice for FOX Sports -- to give us a few of his favorite places to watch. Now, without further adieu, here are the best places to catch the men’s World Cup in Portland (while you wait for the true American champions to play in 2019).
North 45 Pub

North 45

Alphabet District

Tiny sports bar with a big screen and back patio
One of the most popular places to watch Timbers games, North 45 is offering some of the best seating to watch the World Cup: out on its sprawling back patio, on an 80-inch TV, with a beer garden so you won’t have to miss a single moment. The bar will be opening at its usual time to start (4pm during the week, noon the weekends), but may adjust going forward if there is customer demand. Customers wearing soccer gear will get $1 off their first beer.

442 Soccer Bar


International soccer bar showing the early-morning matches
With a name like 442 Soccer Bar (the numbers refer to a popular soccer formation), it’s no wonder it’s one of the city’s most dedicated and beloved soccer bars. During games, it’s not uncommon to hear four or more different languages being shouted at the televisions. 442 is opening for each game, even the France vs Australia match at 3am. For games that start as early as 5am, the bar is opening an hour ahead of time, with the full Bosnian and Mediterranean menu available, as well as coffee and espresso drinks. For the 3am match, it will likely just stay open -- though last call drinks still legally need to be finished by 2:30am.

Spirit of 77

Spirit of 77

Lloyd Center

Warehouse-sized sports bar with arcade games and brunch
Named for the Portland Trail Blazers’ most momentous year -- when the team won the NBA Finals in a remarkable comeback -- the Spirit of 77 is, yes, a basketball bar. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get into the Spirit of Soccer as well. Though it’s not running any specials, it is serving brunch until 11am each day, and will be opening for 8am matches at 7:30, but not for anything earlier.

Casa del Pollo

Lake Oswego

John's Pick: A family-run Costa Rican restaurant 
This LO family-owned restaurant might not be the most obvious choice for a soccer tournament, but it’s the best place to go for anyone cheering on Costa Rica. Two of the country’s matches will be at 5am, but the restaurant is currently planning on opening for those, and definitely will be for the match at 11am on June 27. Grab some smoked chicken or a bowl of rice and beans with eggs, tortillas, and sour cream, and get hyped.

The Independent Sports Bar & Grill

The Independent

Pearl District

TV-filled pub with a large tap list for laid-back viewing
Open in time for lunch at 11am each day, The Independent is a casual, relaxed sports bar lined with over 30 TVs. It’ll also set up a large screen for the games. Like its sister-store, North 45, The Independent isn’t set to open up early, but may do so later down the line and will also offer the $1 off first beers for soccer paraphernalia.

Toffee Club

The Toffee Club

Ladd's Addition

English-style pub showing early games catering to England fans
The Toffee Club is an English pub set in a stylish warehouse, with Persian rugs on a concrete floor, hardwood furniture, and wide windows. The bar regularly shows soccer games, and the World Cup is certainly no exception, with every game but the 3am match of France vs Australia being shown. Doors open an hour prior to matches, which means the 4am game of England vs Panama on June 24 may have some still-tipsy British hooligans who just wandered the neighborhood for the two hours the bar was closed.

Kells Brewery

Alphabet District

Classic Portland brewery serving Irish ales
Kells Brewery in Northwest Portland is going even more all out than its pub location, showing every game of the tournament. For the ones before 11am (which means most of them), the brewery will be prepping special breakfast items like egg sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, muffins, and bagels. Games that start at or after 11am will have the regular lunch available. Again, it’s an Irish brewery, so jeering at Denmark will be highly encouraged.

Prost! Portland


Mississippi Neighborhood

Popular German bier bar with adjoining food cart pod
One of Portland’s most popular German bars, the cozy, European styled Prost! is opening early for games that start at 7am or later. The outdoor “biergarten” will be extended into the adjacent food cart pod, with extra screens and taps for al fresco World Cup viewing. Two of the Germany matches start at 7am and 8am, but luckily they’re both on weekends, so there’s no excuse to not start your day with a lager and some schnitzel.

Lompoc Fifth Quadrant


Classic Portland brewpub with elevated pub food
Though Lompoc has a number of pub locations around town, it’s the Fifth Quadrant (5Q) location in North Portland (Portland’s fifth quadrant) that houses the brewery, and will be showing many of the WC games. Though it won’t open for the crazy early ones, it will 15 minutes prior to any game at 8am or later. For games that start before the regular lunch hour, 5Q will have some freshly made breakfast sandwiches and burritos you can buy.

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

Kells Irish Pub


Storied Irish pub, restaurant, and venue
Kells Irish Pub, one of the city’s most popular Irish bars, is showing any game that starts at or after 11am, in time for their usual lunch service. As Ireland failed to make it to the World Cup, losing in the playoffs to Denmark, the bar may not be as raucous or packed. Still, there’s no doubt there’ll be a group of dedicated footballs fans in for each game, if only just to cheer against England.

Cheerful Bullpen

Goose Hollow

John's Pick: A no-frills sports bar and Timbers Army haunt
Directly across the street from Providence Park, where the Timbers and Thorns both play, is the Cheerful Bullpen. A little less divey than its sister bar the Cheerful Tortoise -- which serves as PSU’s de facto college bar -- the Cheerful Bullpen is a no-frills sports bar and the OG home of the Timbers Army, with a mural outside depicting the city’s sports history. Though the bar will only be opening a little earlier than its normal 11am times for those games, it’s still a great place to watch the World Cup with Portland’s own unique brand of soccer hooligans.

Blitz Ladd

Ladd Taphouse

Ladd's Addition

Spacious, quintessential Portland sports bar covered in TVs
Portland’s OG chain of sports bars, Blitz, has now been consolidated into one bar: The Ladd Taphouse, which recently saw some renovations including more taps, hardwood installations, art, and high-top tables to replace the divey, outdated couches. The bar is larger than any nearby sports bar, and will be playing matches as early as 8am, serving its 43 beers and ciders on draught. Its proximity to 442 and The Toffee Club means it doesn’t bring in the same size crowds for soccer games, so those looking for a more relaxed environment should consider it.