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The 15 Best Bars in San Francisco to Watch the Super Bowl

Published On 02/01/2018

Bus Stop

Cow Hollow

Thanks to its 26 flat screen TVs and friendly bartenders, Bus Stop is Union Street’s most popular sports bar, so you can absolutely expect it to be crowded on Super Bowl Sunday. That being said, they’re throwing out specials which include Bud and Bud Light buckets (five beers) for $21, $6 shots of Espolon, and $9 Tito’s Bloody Marys.

Blackthorn Tavern

Inner Sunset

This laidback neighborhood bar has 19 HDTV’s, so there’s not a bad seat in the house. That being said, if you’re watching with a group, get there early so you can snag one of the comfy booths. There’s no food available, but you can bring it in or get it delivered… we’re thinking pizza would be a good call.

Larry Wong


Lower Nob Hill

If you want to watch the game in a cozy cabin, but can’t make it to Tahoe, head to this Polk Street bar that has 12 TVs and a great whiskey selection. Plus, from 1pm to 7pm, you can get a $1 Jameson or Fernet shot with a draft beer OR a $1 draft beer with any shot. Which doesn’t sound dangerous at all.

Connecticut Yankee

Connecticut Yankee

Potrero Hill

If you haven’t been to this classic watering hole in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the changes the new owners made since taking over in 2015, especially if you want to eat some tasty pub fare while watching the game. NOTE: This is very much a Boston bar, so if you’re rooting for Philly to win, you may want to stay far far away.

Final Final

Cow Hollow

Twelve flat screen TVs, 24 beers on tap, and all of the nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, and wings you could ever want… Just keep in mind, this is a popular spot for Vikings fans, so you might be surrounded by some angry/defeated/weeping people.

Greens Sports Bar

Russian Hill

Wherever you sit in this popular sports bar, there’s a good view of one of the 20+ TVs. If you’re more into the commercials than the game, grab a seat in the front; the windows open onto Polk Street, so you can watch people who aren’t watching the game while the players are on the field. And, though it has yet to be determined, you can be sure there will be some kind of beer special.

Harry's Bar

Harry’s Bar

Lower Pac Heights

Harry’s may be on Fillmore Street, but the crowd feels very Marina, which is a thing that will either make you want to go there or stay far away. No judgment either way. There are only six flat-screens, but you can see one from every seat in the house.

Hi Tops


This gay sports bar is one of the best sports bars and makes you wish SF had more than just one gay sports bar. There are 26 flat screen TVs, benches made from gym bleachers, and top-notch food. Get the buffalo wings and the burger and then order an It’s-It for dessert.

Ireland’s 32

Inner Richmond

This Irish pub has 11 HDTVs and two projectors, plus a full bar and pub food. The crowd is friendly and can get a little loud, so if you need to hear the exact explanation for every flag or replay, this may not be the spot for you. However, if you’re into happy hour prices all day and free snacks, then you’ll be stoked. And there will be live music with Peter Cooper after the game.

Kezar Pub

Upper Haight

Despite the fact that this sports bar is across the street from Kezar Stadium where the Niners played, it’s definitely an Eagles’ bar. They sing “Fly, Eagles, Fly” after every touchdown. Loudly. There are 20 TVs, but considering the whole Eagles fans thing, you’ll need to get there very early to get a seat. Order the wings while you wait.

Northstar Café

North Beach

This is a Bills bar and an Eagles bar, so expect lots of fans in green crowding around the nine HDTVs. There’s no kitchen and there won’t be any specials, but there is free popcorn that you can throw at the TV if the Eagles blow it. Kidding kidding. Don’t do that.

Pete’s Tavern


This massive bi-level sports bar has 22 flat screens, a full bar, and great food options, including wings, pizza, burgers, and even a couple of salads -- although who eats salad during the Super Bowl? There will be a raffle during the game for signed Jimmy Garoppolo memorabilia, as well as $20 pitchers of Bud Light, $5 margaritas, and $5 plates of french fries.

San Francisco Athletic Club

San Francisco Athletic Club

Lower Pac Heights

This spacious sports bar has 28 TVs, but you’re still going to need to get there early if you want a seat. The food menu is huge, so you’ll have your choice of wings, snacks, burgers, hot dogs, soup, salads, and there will be discounted buckets, pitchers, and bathtubs (yeah, bathtubs) of Bud Light and $5 Irish whisky shots.

Valley Tavern

Noe Valley

If you’re in Noe Valley, this is really your only option for bars to watch the Super Bowl, which is fine because there are 17 HDTVs, 40 beers on tap, and a three-level outdoor beer garden.

Yancy’s Saloon

Inner Sunset

Yancy’s feels like a comfy living room, if your living room is in the basement and filled with thrift store couches that smell like stale beer. But there are 14 TVs, five of which are over 40 inches and one of which is 69 inches (nice), so who really cares about the smell of stale beer? Not you, that’s who. Cash only.

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