I grew up in the Chicago area eating thin-crust, square-cut, Midwestern pizza, equipped to handle more toppings than seems physically possible. Personally, my favorite pieces are the corner slices, which sounds counterintuitive -- how can a circular pizza have a corner? They’re the lone four edge pieces shaped like miniature wedges, the crunchier the better.
Now I'm a pizzamaker at Paulie Gee’s Logan Square, a Chicago pizza joint that originated in Brooklyn. We specialize in two styles: playful, Neapolitan-style woodfired pizza with non-traditional toppings, and Detroit-style pan pizza. Note that neither of those is related to my hometown. Outsiders still seem to think that all Chicagoans eat is deep-dish; in response, natives insist that all we truly eat are tavern-cut thin square slices. But that's never been the whole story.
What actually defines pizza in Chicago? Topping-wise, we still stubbornly love meat. We’re mainly a pork-based Italian sausage town -- sure, there’s pepperoni on every menu, but Chicagoans veer toward sausage heavily dosed with fennel seed, garlic, and pepper. It’s always in large juicy misshapen chunks, not crumbled finely, or encased and sliced into coins, like you typically see in New York.

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