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The Best Brunch Spots in Los Angeles Right Now

Updated On 01/30/2019 at 04:45PM EST
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Jon and Vinny’s OG restaurant, and a sleeper brunch heavyweight
OK, so the brunch at Jon and Vinny’s or Trois Familia is probably what you were expecting to see here from the duo behind Animal, and for good reason: those brunches are very, very good. But Animal generally doesn’t have a wait for a table and is EQUALLY good, which gives it crazy leverage; the bodega breakfast sandwich (ham, egg, and American cheese on a kaiser roll) for less than $10 is all the reason you should need to hit here instead of one of their other spots.

Courtesy of MB Post

MB Post

Manhattan Beach

The South Bay’s go-to for griddled favorites and delicious Bloody Marys
David LeFevre basically ignited the food world in Manhattan Beach, and his first outpost is still the best brunch hang spot in the South Bay. Not only can you get the signature bacon-Cheddar buttermilk biscuits, but there’s also a pork belly bibimbap, and drinks like the mezcal-and-beet-cordial-laden Lust of Aphrodite.

Neighbor LA



Eat your eggs on one of Venice’s best hidden patios
Somehow, Neighbor has flown under the radar as an underdog Venice favorite for two years now. In other words, there’s not usually a long wait to get a seat for cardamom-scented granola, aged Cheddar polenta with poached eggs and jalapeño, and bonito tuna on Danish rye, alongside delicious cocktails like the gin-and-blackberry Girl Next Door. Won’t you be her neighbor?

Jake Lindeman


Los Feliz

A Middle Eastern gem with an excellent breakfast spread
It would seriously be worth hitting this cute, acclaimed Los Feliz spot just for their craveable homemade bread, but it’s even more worth it when you’re dipping that bread into one of the city’s best tomato-stewed shakshukas, and the poached eggs that go along with it. If you’re with a group, you should definitely order the “Turkish-Ish Breakfast”: an Instagrammable smorgasbord of dips, breads, eggs, and mezze dishes that’s perfect to pick at.


Encino & Westlake

The West Valley’s home for eggs, pancakes, and more
The story of CiCi’s is as good as the food: CiCi, then a waitress at the Sherman Oaks brunch staple Jinkys, decided to go out on her own and open a namesake restaurant, which went on to become one of the best brunch spots in the West Valley. Over a decade later, she’s still running the game, with a massive menu that includes unique pancakes like the Night Rider (chocolate velvet pancakes topped with bananas, chocolate chips, Nutella & whipped cream), and a namesake omelette with turkey sun-dried tomato sausage, spinach, Portobello mushroom, tomatoes & Boursin cheese.

Courtesy of Blu Jam

Blu Jam

Multiple locations

Mini-chain with truly unforgettable French toast
This beloved, ultra-casual mini-chain has expanded to six LA-area locations (and one in Tokyo!) on the strength of its all-day breakfast menu, which includes favorites like chicken chilaquiles and a wagyu brunch burger. The signature dish is the French toast, though, which is dipped in a secret eggy batter and then basted with corn flakes before it’s grilled, giving each bite a textural crunch as well as a heavy burst of flavor. You’re gonna want at least one order for the table.

26 Beach


Outdoor group spot that’s walking distance from the beach
There's a ton of foliage in the back of this beach-adjacent bistro, and a ton of astonishingly creative dishes as well. The menu is gigantic, but the highlights range from burgers (topped with everything from eggs to peanut butter to spicy tuna sushi), to pasta scrambles with linguini, eggs, and homemade chili, to Hawaiian-style “Royals,” with sunny-siders over jerk chicken with red onions and bell peppers. There’s also a full bar, and (of course) sangria, mimosas, and Bloodys.

Jeff Miller/Thrillist


Silver Lake

An all-around LA brunch classic, with a long line to match
There may be no more renowned brunch spot in LA than this now-legendary, completely bare-bones Silver Lake eggery, which started as a jarred-jam operation, but is now considered by just about everyone as one of the best breakfast restaurants in the country. Jessica Koslow, the unassuming Food & Wine-nominated chef who runs the kitchen, splashes out different specials at 8am (seared polenta cake w/ broccoli, artichoke, and fried egg) and 11am (short rib w/ sunchoke), and the must-order is the crispy-rice salad, full of texture, flavor, and love. If you come during peak hours, bring a book, or a game, or a friend -- the line can take a long, long time.

Inn of the Seventh Day

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Topanga Canyon

Possibly the best brunch buffet you’ll ever have
This woodsy restaurant's unfairly maligned as a hippie-dippy hang. Sure, the Sunday all-you-can-eat buffet has a ton of veggie options, but it also has all-you-can-eat crab legs, turkey sausage, and more for an extra $3, plus an opportunity to eat outside on one of LA’s most legendary decks, in the middle of the mountain canyon. If buffets aren’t your thing, you can also do a la carte dishes including gravlax omelettes and turkey and artichoke panini.

Courtesy of Little Dom's

Little Dom's

Los Feliz

Eastside favorite with an in-house deli
Here’s some irony for you: Little Dom’s was originally the younger sibling of Mid-City’s beloved Italian restaurant Dominick’s -- which is now closed. This means that bragging rights belong to the Eastside-only on breakfast sandwiches with wild boar bacon and steak and eggs with fennel-pollen hollandaise, as well as reasonably priced prosecco.

Bradley Tuck

Cliff's Edge

Silver Lake

Popular date spot with the best patio in LA
Cliff’s Edge is long-known as one of the best date spots in LA, thanks in no small part to their tree-shaded romantic patio, and there’s no reason that date can’t happen over eggs, especially when said eggs are over a bacon-and-Brussels-laden pork belly hash. The bar here is also not messing around: creative cocktails include the SLIT, made with Loft & Bear vodka, black tea, pomegranate molasses, lemon, honey, rosemary, and soda.


Square One

Hollywood & Silver Lake

French toast, scrambles, and the city’s best fruit salad
The original Hollywood location of this also-in-Silver Lake no-frills cafe (with a breezy, similarly understated patio) sits under the looming gaze of the Scientology building on an otherwise unremarkable stretch of Fountain. What is remarkable is the food -- the mustard and collard green baked eggs is one of the best brunch dishes in the city, and you should definitely get an order of the fruit salad, which goes far beyond melon and grapes and includes seasonal fresh picks including star fruit, mango, and dragonfruit.



Pastry queen Nicole Rucker’s got some of the city’s best toasts (and more)
Nicole Rucker’s long been known as the pie queen of Los Angeles, and it’s no surprise she (along with former Simbal chef Shawn Pham) is putting her skills to use making brunchy toasts and pancakes packed with unusual flavors: the sesame butter toast hits every sweet and savory note you could ever hope for, and the sweet potato pancake with lardons and chives is both decadent and heavenly. Of course, you can add an egg to anything -- and you can get a slice of pie for dessert. We won’t tell.*

atrium los feliz


Los Feliz

A gorgeous room with even more gorgeous eggs
What is it about Los Feliz that screams, “Hey, let’s open an amazing brunch spot here?” Who knows, but Atrium is one of the latest additions to the neighborhood that knows no egg-boundaries: The massive, beautiful room (from the guys behind Kettle Black and Sawyer) does killer cornmeal waffles with pink guava jam and cauliflower hash with poached eggs, bacon and a honey mustard glaze.

David Marcinek


Los Feliz

A low-key coffee shop with an astonishing food menu
Launched quietly in 2018 from the guy behind Handsome Coffee, All-Time has become one of those great neighborhood spots that’s almost a secret between people in the know: It’s cozy, low-profile, and definitively great. You’re gonna get their take on a crispy rice salad (with market greens, fried eggs, and pork belly), and you’re also gonna get cheesy eggs on toast, and then you’re gonna come back next weekend, too.

Petit Trois

Studio City

Ludovic Lefebvre gives valley brunching a big French kiss
It’s not hyperbole to call Petit Trois’ not-so-petit-at-all valley location’s opening the biggest brunch news of recent LA history: the world-renowned chef’s Ventura Blvd spot is about a culinary change in the SFV that goes way beyond a couple egg dishes. But those are here too, including Ludo’s trademark perfect omelette; there’s also his Mec Muffin, an upscale take on the McDonald’s fave, and croissants that’ll transport you to Paris in each bite. Just don’t expect a quiet meal: The dining room’s among the loudest in the city, so be prepared to shout about how good everything is.

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