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Where Are All the Vegetarian TV Shows?

Published On 01/26/2018
N ot long after Michael Symon and his sous-chef lugged half a veal carcass across Kitchen Stadium and Cat Cora cleaved the head off a barracuda with two hands in Iron Chef America's title sequence, the Chairman unveiled the day's secret ingredient: broccoli. The 2010 episode seemed ordinary, until Alton Brown introduced a "special twist." Eight seasons in, this would be the Food Network competition show's first vegetarian battle.
Alton Brown on 'Iron Chef America' | Food Network
Nikki Dinki on 'Food Network Star' | Food Network
Gordon Ramsay on 'Hell's Kitchen' | Fox
go90's 'High Cuisine' | Nika Vekilova
'Cooked' on Netflix | Karen Ballard/Netflix
Ayinde Howell of 'Like a Vegan' | Cooking Channel
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