Pasta Flyer | Beth Galton
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How NYC Chefs Are Turning Gourmet Pasta Into a Fast Food

Published On 12/07/2017
It’s 6:30pm on a Friday, and the line at chef Mark Ladner’s newly opened Pasta Flyer is curling down the steps. Since the doors opened at 5pm, a steady crowd has been filling up on organic fusilli with basil pesto, and whole grain rigatoni with Nonna’s meat ragu. The plush floral benches complement the flowers that stand on each table, unless of course you’ve scooted them to make room for a second tray of pasta. Portions are a decent size, but it’s hard to stop ordering, especially when each dish is so cheap.  
The Sosta | Courtesy of The Sosta
Pasta Flyer | Beth Galton
This is a new type of fast food: satisfying, cheap -- and created by an expert chef.
Sola | Courtesy of Sola
Manhattan is turning up tons of restaurant-worthy pasta you can grab on your lunch break.
Pasta Flyer | Courtesy of Pasta Flyer
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