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Everything You Need to Know About Every Cut of Pork

Published On 07/20/2018

The Chicago Vegan Soul Food Revolution Is Here

Published On 08/13/2018

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The 29 Killer Styles Feeding America's Pizza Obsession

Published On 07/11/2018
W hat kind of pizza do you want?
It's a simple, common question that most pizza-loving Americans don't give nearly enough thought, usually tossing off a halfhearted "pepperoni, I guess," or worse, mumbling something about avoiding gluten. The pizzaverse is vast and varied, and even its most voracious eaters likely haven't sampled all the palate-pleasing styles out there. "Whatever, I've been to Chicago," you say. YOU KNOW NOTHING. Have you been to Valley Forge, the old mining town in Pennsylvania with a delicious pizza style all its own? Have you ever had a pizza where the crust came out of a deep fryer? Have you frequented places where they swear by putting the cheese on cold after the crust is cooked? If you answered "no" to any of these, it's clear you need to add some entries to your pizza bucket list.
Luckily, we've dug deep on all the different styles of pizza you need to try before your pizza-eating life is complete. Sure, certain pizza purists will cast a skeptical eye at certain pizza permutations and derisively deem them "not pizza," but we believe the glorious trinity of cheese, sauce, and carbs deserves to be celebrated in all its forms. Here are the 29 most compelling ways we consume pizza in 2018, from tried-and-true traditions to burgeoning trends that might soon occupy an oven (or better yet, stomach) near you. Dig in.
Cole Saladino / Thrillist