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White Swan's chowder fries | Sandy Lam
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Why Chowder Fries Could Be the Signature Dish Seattle's Been Waiting For

Published On 03/29/2018
Though rightfully famous for its quality, Seattle’s seafood doesn’t have a dish for which it’s known -- unlike the fried clam bellies of New England, the South’s shrimp and grits, and even San Francisco’s cioppino. This is partly because our raw ingredients are just so good: Northwest oysters on the half-shell don’t need sauce, a sautéed fillet of Neah Bay salmon stands on its own. Yet a vacancy exists. Seattle needs a dish that fits the city’s personality, demonstrates its culinary prowess, and showcases its excellent seafood. Recently, a food trend began proliferating that fits this description to a tee: chowder fries.
Like NYC's ubiquitous dollar slice, NOLA's gumbo, or San Diego's fish tacos, signature dishes tend to be affordable, widespread, and easy for chefs to put their mark on. Chowder fries are ridiculously simple to make -- at its most basic, the dish is just a bowl of chowder poured over French fries, two ingredients that huge numbers of Seattle restaurants already have on hand. Which is why the five restaurants around town currently serving chowder fries could quickly become 20... or 200. But why would anyone pour soup on their fries?
Seattle needs a dish that fits its personality, demonstrates its culinary prowess, and showcases its seafood.

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