Atlanta's Most Terrifying Haunted Houses You Need to Visit This Month

Published On 10/06/2017

Netherworld Haunted House


Cost: $23 (up to $55 for a pass to cut the line)
Dates: Nightly through Halloween, and on November 3, 4, and 5.
This is Netherworld’s final year in Norcross, but before it packs up the bodies and moves to Stone Mountain, they’re starting two new attractions: Primal Scream and Mr. Grendel’s 3D Funhouse of Horrors. There’ll also be an “escape the room” game that’s only slightly less scary.

Containment Haunted House

Lithia Springs

Cost: $25
Dates: Opens at 8pm through November 4 with certain blackout dates and extended hours on weekends
The zombie apocalypse comes to life out in Lithia Springs. Kids under 13 are not permitted without adults, and are advised to stay home where they perhaps won't be scarred for life.

Fear in the Woods


Cost: $19 with options to pay more and skip the line
Dates: Opens at 7pm every Friday - Sunday in October, and Halloween night (duh)
This haunted barn is run by someone named “The Farmer,” whose “crazy Uncle Eddie” has brought creeps with him to eat you. Defeat them using laser tag. Leave kids under 10 at home.

Paranoia Haunted House

Paranoia Haunted House


Cost: $25 with options to pay more and skip the line
Dates: Thursday - Sunday through October, with a full week starting Oct 25
Do “Experiment X,” where a rogue molecular biologist has been experimenting with humanity and making “biological enhancements.” There’s also Slaughter Shack, in which cannibals and “the sickest of men” are waiting to do things to you that aren’t good.

13 Stories Haunted House


Cost: Tickets start at $15 with a slew of options to upgrade
Dates: Open weekends until November 3 & 4 and a full week before Halloween. Doors at 7pm.
“You are subject to being pushed, pulled, shocked, wet, yelled at, and worse” in this extreme haunted house, and expect to be separated from your group. Police are there, but not to save you -- only to arrest you if you punch the actors because you’re scared poopless. Children are totally welcome if you’re a terrible parent.

Nightmares Gate


Cost: $25
Dates: Open all weekends in October at 8pm, and October 30, 31
A Douglasville hospital has been hit with an outbreak that some quack from the CDC is trying to cure. In the meantime, you’re there and it’s not pretty, so don’t get touched.

Escape Woods

Escape Woods

Powder Springs

Cost: $25 per person… or $400 or more for a private experience
Dates: Thursday - Sunday through November 4, as well as Halloween night
Choose between several outdoor escapes like “The Dig,” “The Cabin,” “The Cage: The Stockholm Experiments,” and “Hillbilly Hell.” The experience is similar to escape the room, except MUCH more involved and expansive. You'll want to go with a group.

Haunted Forest


Cost: $15
Dates: Through November 5 on weekends until 10pm. Extended hours for Halloween.
Walk through a corn maze and the Haunted Forest, which is infested with who knows what. It’s kid-friendly -- supposedly -- but being in a corn maze, in Buford, after dark, isn’t exactly comfy.

Camp Blood


Cost: $20
Dates: Fridays and Saturdays through October 28, also October 29 - 31. Doors at 8pm.  
This combination of horror and humor includes attractions like Haunted Hillbilly, Dead Rednecks, and zombie paintball. It's strictly adult-only, so find a sitter for the litter.

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