Why Pittsburgh Always Outshines Philadelphia

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Because there's nothing quite like a good old-fashioned fight, it's Rivalry Week. Keep tabs on simmering feuds across the country right here.

People who haven’t lived in Pennsylvania might not think there’s much of a difference between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. But the rivalry between these two distinct cities can be fierce. The worst crime a Pittsburgher has ever committed is putting French fries on a salad while “Philthadelphians” appear to be more concerned with balancing fistfights while maintaining their title of “City of Brotherly Love.” Here are 10 reasons why Pittsburgh is the all-around better city.


More hardware

Let’s get the obvious sports rivalry argument out of the way early. Since 1991 the Penguins have won three Stanley Cups and the Flyers, even with their brutal reputation, haven’t won a cup since ‘75. The Steelers have two rings under Big Ben, Eagles fans can reflect fondly on the days of McNabb barf. Everyone can agree that you’d rather not have an NBA franchise than watch what the 76ers are doing.

Cheaper housing

Rental prices in Philadelphia are 17.57% higher than Pittsburgh’s and, on average, our groceries cost 10.03% less. So buy yourself that lobster and eat it in your moderately priced home, you deserve it.


We eat our wings with dignity

The Wing Bowl is a wing-eating competition in Philadelphia filled with dirty napkins and half-naked girls. It’s the trashiest event on this planet and it takes place at 5:30am. Here in Pittsburgh we wait until at least noon to start stuffing ourselves.

The word “jawn”

It means nothing. It also means everything. “Jawn better get off my lawn” and “I used a jawn to fix the radiator” are both correct statements in Philadelphia. At least our made up words don’t make me question the very fabric of our universe n’at. 

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Philadelphia punctured the world’s largest rubber duck

Allegedly (?). But we know you did it. All he wanted was love and a super-slow trip around the globe. Poor duck. 


We have self-control

Look at this blasphemy. The bacon mac & cheese donut from PYT. If you’re looking for something lighter the place also has a deep-fried Twinkie burger. Too much is too much.

Great day-trip locations

Although we may not be as close to NYC, Pittsburgh is surrounded by beautiful national parks and the city itself is home to tons of green space. Also, we’re further away from New Jersey, so that’s a plus.


The Philly Phanatic has nothing on the Pirate Parrot

He’s always perving out on everybody and what exactly he is, no one knows. Which is unsettling to say the least. 

Turner’s is the best

Wawa iced tea vs. Turner’s iced tea. Ours comes in a cute little paper carton, no competition. 


Our museums won’t give you nightmares

Unlike the Mütter Museum which is one giant freak show of skulls eaten away by syphilis and displays of elongated colons. For the record, this place looks amazing. But any possible learning element would be negated by utter fear and disgust.

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Julianna is a freelance writer in Pittsburgh, an all-around foodie, and self-proclaimed dog enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter: @JuliannaLocal.

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