You Can Sleep in a 7-Eleven, Eat Whatever You Want & Play Video Games All Night

It's just like what you dreamed about as a kid.

Courtesy of 7-Eleven

It's a pillar of childhood daydreams: gettingĀ locked in a store overnight with the chance to do whatever you want with all the toys, candy, or other treats that might be inside the store. (It's almostĀ like being the protagonist inĀ Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.)

In an alluring publicity stunt, 7-Eleven is going to let a couple of people spend the night in a new store before it opens. Two people will get to spend the night in the untarnished 7-Eleven, which will be listed on Airbnb. The store will double as a "Gamers' Paradise," with a big-screen TV and a PlayStation 5. Also, you'll get to raid the 7-Eleven, devouring as many snacks as your heart desires.Ā 

Two separate one-night stays are available to book starting on February 1 at 11 am ET. Each night will cost the lucky lodgers just $11. Though, you can only stay one of the nights. (C'mon. Let someone else have the other night!) You have to live in Dallas County, though, because the new shop is in Dallas. If you get the spot, 7-Eleven will provide a car serviceĀ to and from the convenience store slash hotel.

If you're quick enough, you'll be the first "customer" at this location. That means you can christen that Slurpee machine while you work your way through all the new PlayStation games.Ā 

Courtesy of 7-Eleven
Courtesy of 7-Eleven
Courtesy of 7-Eleven

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