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Pilots Reveal Which Airports They Hate The Most

Published On 01/03/2018
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Sex, Drugs, and EDM: Crazy Cruise Ship Secrets From the Onboard DJ

Published On 05/17/2018
F or many people, a big Caribbean cruise means a multi-day party on the open seas. Food, so much food. Cocktails, ditto. “Exotic” port-of-call excursions that amount to a booty call with a new country.
On the flip side, for crew members a cruise can be a grueling ordeal. Long, arduous hours on your feet, no access to land, and lots of cleaning up after passengers whose idea of a vacation is piling up empty buffet plates.
The odd bird out on your boat? Why, that would be the contract cruise DJ. He hovers in that limbo between crew and client, with orders only to keep the good times rolling. And if the DJ is seasoned and experienced enough after years of being onboard with different cruise operators, he can sail away with a lot of wild memories.
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