Lofoten, Norway | Ratnakorn Piyasirisorost/Getty Images

14 Gorgeous Islands in Europe That Americans Always Overlook

Published On 03/02/2018
Cíes Islands, Spain | Gonzalo Azumendi/photolibrary/getty images
São Miguel, Portugal | ARoxo/moment/getty images
Texel Island, Netherlands | Westend61/Getty Images
Gozo, Malta | Wolfgang Poelzer/Getty Images
Stinva bay beach, Vis, Croatia | xbrchx/shutterstock
Loften, Norway | Dennis Fischer Photography/Moment/Getty Images
Kastellorizo, Greece | Izzet Keribar/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images
Porquerolles, France | J. Quetin/Moment/Getty Images
Tresco, Isles of Scilly | Nigel Hicks/Visit Britain/Getty Images
Sardinia, la Maddalena, Italy | leoks/shutterstock
Graciosa, Spain | Andreas Weibel/Moment Open/Getty Images
Bozcaada, Turkey | GURCAN OZTURK/AFP/Getty Images
Grinda, Sweden | Hans Alm/Folio/Getty Images
Skara Brae, Mainland, Scotland | Ashley Cooper/Getty images
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