The Best Strip Club in All 50 States

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For all the differences our 50 great states have -- some are red, some are blue, some are Florida -- there's one thing they all have in common: every state has strip clubs. Hooray America! 

But which states have the best strip clubs? Or better still, what’s the best strip club in each state? We decided to find out. In addition to hitting the nudie bars ourselves, we relied on the trusted recommendations of friends and family, as well as consulting the generous folks who (weirdly) feel compelled to review such establishments on Yelp and TripAdvisor.

In the end, we came up with this comprehensive, ready-to-bookmark guide to the top spot in every state to watch naked people dance. 

Disagree with our choices? As always, tell us in the comments where we should be going instead.



Sammy’s Gentlemen’s Club (address and info)
Birmingham, AL
What started out as a small restaurant in Birmingham morphed into an Alabama institution when one night in 1974, a completely-not-intoxicated female patron streaked across the restaurant. Clearly a big hit, owner Sammy Cantavespre took the hint and started bringing in naked women every night, creating what is now, according to one TripAdvisor reviewer, “the only strip club I would make it rain in.”


Great Alaskan Bush Company (address and info)
Anchorage, AK
When you’re in a state with an uncomfortably high male-to-female ratio, strippers know one thing: guys will pay A LOT to see them naked. As a result, this outpost in the Last Frontier draws hot dancers from all over of the country, making it maybe the sexiest thing about a state where it’s too cold to ever wear bikinis.

Skin Cabaret


Skin Cabaret (address and info)
Scottsdale, AZ
Phoenix is one of the more underrated hotbeds of the adult entertainment industry, and many of the ladies who totally don't appear on your computer screen throughout the day got their start in a Phoenix strip club. The hottest of the hot are at this topless joint, where you can also score a free Italian buffet on Fridays!


Paper Moon (address and info)
Little Rock, AR
A tough call here with several clubs in Arkansas receiving the coveted three-star rating on Yelp. But the clincher for us was the endorsement from one Emerson V. of Lewisville, TX, who said: "If you go, you must try them turkey legs at my boy Lee Roy's gut truck" because there's "nothing like watching them [redacted] strip while eating burnt questionable turkey legs.”



4 Play (address and info)
Los Angeles, CA
While California is known more for its women who DON’T take their clothes off for cash than its strip club scene, the hottest aspiring actresses (or adult starlets, whatever) in Hollywood who aren't working as full-time hostesses dance in this library-themed club in West LA. Chances are pretty good that you can score a lap dance from “Club Party Girl #4” here if you look hard enough.

Shotgun Willie's


Shotgun Willie's (address and info)
Glendale, CO
“The Best Show Club in Denver” is a completely open 10,000sqft room with eight stages but zero VIP areas. Which may be disappointing if you were looking for “extras” from one of the 200 beauties roaming the floor. But what they lack in VIP space they more than make up for in glass-enclosed, state-of-the-art conference rooms you can reserve for official business meetings.


Elan’s of Connecticut (address and info)
Danbury, CT
You’d never guess that a joint in tiny Danbury, Connecticut would be rated by The Gentlemen’s Club Guide as the #1 club IN THE NATION. Then again, you’d also never guess they filmed the Springer Show, Maury, AND Steve Wilkos on the same stage. Connecticut really is full of surprises.


The Gold Club (address and info)
Wilmington, DE
The biggest club in Delaware spans 10,000 sqft and plays “mainstream” tunes during the day before switching to “urban” at 9pm every night. Which, if you read between the lines, means this is probably the best place to make it rain in Delaware. Or, that Delawareans love watching strippers dance to country music.



Mons Venus (address and info)
Tampa, FL
You wouldn’t expect a legendary strip club like Mons to be a tiny dive tucked away in a nondescript parking lot in an industrial section of Tampa. But it is. It also has, hands down, the best looking group of strippers IN AMERICA, and because of that, you won't even care that they don't serve booze.



The Cheetah (address and info)
Atlanta, GA
With a polite nod to local favorite Clermont Lounge, this is a list of best strip clubs, not “best strip clubs you’re most likely to see things you can’t unsee.” That said, the win in Atlanta goes to the Cheetah; not only does it employ more hot strippers than you can possibly shower with the 23 singles in your wallet, but it's got one of the best DJs in the business calling them to the main stage. Oh yea, there's also an in-house gourmet restaurant in case you get a hankering for blackened lobster with cheesy grits & fried okra.


Diamond Gentlemen’s Club (address and info)
Honolulu, HI
While obviously strip clubs have never really been the main draw to Hawaii, you’re still talking about an island with multiple military installations. So, in addition to tattoo parlors and payday loan joints, you’re gonna find a lot of strip clubs. And the best among them according to Yelp is Diamonds, where the most flattering comments note the presence of air conditioning, bouncers who don't making patrons feel awkward, and dancers who aren't pushy. Also, it’s BYOB, which means you won’t spend the entire paycheck you just cashed at the loan spot next door on liquor. Just on the mixers.


Stateline Showgirls (address and info)
Post Falls, ID
So, here’s a clever way to get around those pesky “no nudity and liquor” laws: straddle your bar on a state line, so the booze is served in one state while the strippers dance in the other. That’s exactly what they’ve done at Stateline, where you can go to the Washington side to watch completely naked dancers, then mosey back into Idaho for a cheap drink.

Penthouse Club St. Louis


Penthouse Club (address and info)
Saugut, IL
With apologies to all the great Chi-town clubs, this spot in the St. Louis suburbs grabs top honors. Sure, St. Louis is known for its stringent strip club rules, but across the Mississippi River in Saugut, a $1,500 annual membership to the Penthouse Club gets you access to naked women, a full bar with top-flight mixologists, and strippers who are paid employees and therefore will be nice to you even if you’re NOT making it rain.

Showgirl 1


Showgirl 1 (address and info)
Fort Wayne, IN
One Yelp reviewer was so blown away by this 25-year old Fort Wayne institution that he exclaimed, â€śHottest women I’ve seen in Indiana!” Now it’s a big state, and this might be hyperbole. But would you rather check it out for yourself, or roll the dice on a club without nearly as glowing a review? Plus, they’ve got a full kitchen and bar, to help you forget exactly how you ended up in Ft. Wayne in the first place.



The Lumberyard (address and info)
Des Moines, IA
Their tagline is: “Where real men go to get wood.” Which at least might explain why one Yelp reviewer touted the lap dances, "They played the entire song, so you really did get your money's worth.” So, pro tip: throw the DJ an extra $20 to queue up â€śInna Godda Davida.”



Wild West Gentlemen’s Club (address and info)
Salina, KS
There were a number of five-star-rated clubs in Kansas (which is really the bigger surprise, right?), but Wild West wins because they somehow attract hot strippers to work in a club that, from all photographic evidence, is in the middle of a field near where I-70 meets I-135. It’s described as “a good place to hang out and drink a few beers. They have beautiful girls and good food overall.” Pretty much about all you can ask from a strip club in the middle of Kansas.


PT’s Showclub (address and info)
Louisville, KY
The most notable thing about the reviews for this top-rated, full-nude Kentucky joint are that the majority of the positive comments come from women. So if you’re in Louisville, and you’re either female or with a female who appreciates strippers, hit this spot. Christie T. from Jeffersonville, IN, said it best: â€śIt is totally possible for a big group of straight ladies to have a great time in this place.” Although, you should know, lap dances do cost $30.



Penthouse Club (address and info)
New Orleans, LA
Being the greatest strip club in The Big Easy -- as it was recently dubbed by a leading authority -- is kinda like being named the best jazz musician, or most embarrassing tourist. There are a lot of possible candidates. But when you boast a gourmet restaurant, Penthouse-quality dancers, more VIP suites than some hotels have rooms, and a prime Bourbon Street location, you understand why this is spot is to strip clubs what Louis Armstrong is to jazz.


PT’s Showclub (address and info)
Portland, ME
It would be pretty disappointing to hear all this great stuff about Portland strip clubs, make your way up to Maine, and then realize you were in the wrong Portland. About the only way to salvage your trip would be to head here, a newly-renovated space that’s part of the PT’s family of clubs and absolutely nothing like the vegan/stripperoke establishments you’d find in the Beaver State.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Baltimore


The Block
Baltimore, MD
Since it gets pretty hard to distinguish one club from another after you’ve hit about 10 along Baltimore’s famous strip club row, it’s easier to consider them all one giant venue; that’s pretty much how you're gonna remember it in the morning. Sure, Larry Flynt's got a place there, but the real “Block” experience is more about dropping in and out of the 20 different cover-free (!!) joints and going on the shortest, most intense strip club tour of your life.


Riviera Show Club (address and info)
Worcester, MA
Not only is the former Emperor’s Club the largest strip club in New England, it’s also one of best nightlife venues in Massachusetts; you'll enjoy $6 burgers, $12 steaks, and $5 pizzas depending on what night you go. And did we mention $15 lap dances? They’ve got those on Sundays. So yes, there is a legit reason to actually visit Worcester that doesn't involve Holy Cross basketball.


The Coliseum (address and info)
Detroit, MI
Though it didn’t actually score the highest Yelp rating, this spot along the Eminem-famous 8 Mile Road was only brought down by complaints about the food. And if you’re going to a strip club for food, well, you should probably do everybody a favor and stop writing Yelp reviews. Most folks who did rate the "stripping" experience, though, gave it five stars, and one extremely happy customer wrote: “Whoever says that Disney World is the 'greatest place on Earth' clearly hasn't been to the Coliseum.”



Downtown Cabaret (address and info)
Minneapolis, MN
The top-rated spot in the Twin Cities has one of the more impressive strip club interiors you’ll see anywhere, with high ceilings reminiscent of a gilded-era train station, a library themed room, and an entrance that looks like it should have sorority letters out front. The place is so impressive that strip club connoisseur Mike T. from Minneapolis said, “WOW!!! This is hands down the best gentlemen’s club I have ever set foot in, and I've been to a few!!” And by a few, we think he means every stripper in Minneapolis knows his face.


Danny’s Downtown (address and info)
Jackson, MS
Mississippi ranks last in a lot of things, like “states to live in” and “median income.” What it does NOT rate last in, however, is strip-club value. Mostly thanks to this downtown Jackson gem that’s got five stages, an open bar on Friday and Saturday nights, and 2-for-the-price-of-1 lap dances on Thursdays.


Flirt (address and info)
Osage Beach, MO
In a state where dancers still have to wear pasties and panties, most strip club reviews aren’t waxing on about the hot women or the “extras” you get in the back room. So it’s no wonder the highest-rated club in Missouri is touted for its "friendliness". And "cleanliness," actually. Which would be kinda like a hotel lobby getting a great Yelp review because the concierge had a huge... well, you get the analogy.

The Fox Club Cabaret


Fox Club Cabaret (address and info)
Missoula, MT
Yelp reviewers seem to love this place, although they don’t give little ole Missoula much strip-club street cred. As the top two reviews note, “The Fox Club is dramatically different than what I was expecting from a strip club in Missoula, MT,” and “I keep finding myself repeating the words: 'This is a pretty good place for Missoula.'" It’s a large spot with top-notch sound, good-looking dancers (both traveling and local), and a full bar. It might not be much if you’re a club in, say, Atlanta, but those qualities make you tops in Big Sky country.


Shakers (address and info)
Waverly, NE
Since it’s the only all-nude spot in Nebraska, the nod has to go to this small-ish strip joint in even smaller-ish Waverly. The club comes complete with dungeon and jungle rooms, and a Yelp review from Cheng J of Lincoln, NE, gives it five stars. Although he also notes, for what it's worth: â€śLots of beautiful girls there. $14 for night cover and one free soft drink. You would love it.” And in Cheng, we trust.



Sapphire (address and info)
Las Vegas, NV
One of the main reasons California is about as well-known for their strip clubs as they are for their effective water management is because all the hot women (and a lot of their water, too, now that we think about it) who strip, do so in Vegas on the weekends. In places like this, that've added daytime pool parties to the round-the-clock naked fun. And while strip club competition in Vegas is as tough as anywhere else, for a place that is guaranteed to be hot any time of day, Sapphire is the clear cut winner.

New Hampshire

Gold Club (address and info)
Bedford, NH
In a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die”, you’d think there would be more places to be free of clothes. But notsomuch. The Gold Club is actually New Hampshire’s ONLY large-scale strip club coming in around 12,000sqft. There's a restaurant and full bar, but the women leave on pasties and underwear. Live free, indeed.

Bare Exposure

New Jersey

Bare Exposure (address and info)
Atlantic City, NJ
The BYOB full-nude strip club may be the single greatest innovation to come out of the state of New Jersey. Ok, it definitely is. And nowhere is it cooler than at this spot near the Trump Tower, which, despite charging a â€ścell phone holding fee”, hires the hottest (fully nude) strippers in AC and even lets you get on stage with two of them (only $35!) for a special “hot seat” dance.

New Mexico

Fantasy World (address and info)
Albuquerque, NM
While your perception of women in Albuquerque is probably tainted by a few too many motel scenes from Breaking Bad, at least according to one Fantasy World Yelper, “Not all the girls are pretty, but quite a few of them are." And we know they get completely nude, as FW's the only place in the ABQ where they do.

Scores NY

New York

Scores (address and info)
New York, NY
Sure, it’s only topless. But somehow the self-proclaimed “greatest city in the world” decided to concede strip clubs to other towns and don’t allow both full nudity and liquor. So instead, they just hire the hottest strippers in the Tri-state area, install a nightclub-level sound system, and add a prime steakhouse to their three-story, 7,500sqft space. Which, in Manhattan, rents for slightly less than the GDP of Fiji.

Mirage Exotic Nightlife

North Carolina

Mirage Exotic Nightlife (address and info)
Greensboro, NC
The only club in the state to land a 5-star Yelp! review, this place not only has hot dancers and killer food specials ($2 Taco Tuesdays, $4 steaks on Wednesdays, etc), but if you’re showing up with six or more dudes, they’ll send a limo for you, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

North Dakota

Whispers (address and info)
Williston, ND
In the heart of the North Dakota oil boom sits Williston, a town with the astronomical rents of New York City and a staggering 9:1 male-to-female ratio. Which means strippers from all over America descend on this place where men have a ton of money and nobody to spend it on. The best club to hit is Whispers, where dudes hang out, and drink, and get lap dances, and still don’t seem all that happy about it. Although if you're planning a trip this month, just so you know -- Whispers has been temporarily shut down by the state for 60 days. We'll let them explain.

Nick's Cabaret


Nick's Cabaret (address and info)
Columbus, OH
The lone Yelp review of the top-rated club in Ohio says, “The girls are beautiful and very friendly.” And then you read a little more and see it’s written by a woman who works there. Well, at least she’s got confidence. But this club in Ohio’s biggest city boasts four stages, four bars, and an outdoor smoking area with an extensive cigar selection. Although you should know that it’s only a topless joint now, as a recent zoning decision prohibited them from operating as a full “strip club.”


Little Darlings (address and info)
Oklahoma City, OK
Despite landing an NBA franchise, somehow the deluge of strip clubs that usually comes with one hasn’t immediately emerged in OKC. Still, the best-rated club in the state is this two-floor spot where the “talent was excellent, the beer was well priced, but the liquor was way overpriced,” at least according to Jordan K. form Forest Park, IL.



Devil’s Point (address and info)
Portland, OR
While Mary’s might have made the opening credits of Portlandia, this article isn’t called “The Strip Club You’d Find in the Opening Sequence of a Quirky Sketch Comedy Show.” The award in Oregon goes to Devil's Point, where the crew of laid-back dancers not only hold summer-long bikini car washes, but they'll also walk your dog (not a euphemism) and strip while you sing karaoke (Stripperoke!).


Platinum Plus (address and info)
Allentown, PA
This place is so good Billy Joel wrote an entire song about it. Or maybe it was about a dying industrial town. Either way, this is Pennsylvania’s top-rated club and, as recently as June, gives away a free lap dance when you buy a shot. But don’t go in expecting to make conversation with the pretty ladies inside; Allen D. from Dublin, CA, echoed most reviewers’ sentiments best when he said: â€śIf I come back to the area, I'll stop in again -- but I'll bring earplugs." Perhaps they were playing too much Billy Joel?

Rhode Island

Cadillac Lounge (address and info)
Providence, RI
Though Providence is almost like a mini-Portland due to the staggering number of strip clubs for a city its size, the best and most, um, “interactive” of them all is the Cadillac Lounge, where Yelpers seem to agree on one thing: you can definitely get your share of extras. And we're not talking about people who stand in the background on movie sets! Although a lot of the dancers would probably kill for that job.


South Carolina

Trophy Club (address and info)
Greenville, SC
Since the unfortunate demise of the Penthouse Club in Myrtle Beach, the next-best strip club standing in South Carolina is this Greenville joint, which also offers pool tables and a daily happy hour with $2 suds. And if you happen to be near Florence, they’ve got a Trophy Club there too!

South Dakota

Cockatoo Gentlemen’s Club (address and info)
Yankton, SD
You’d be inclined to have high expectations for a strip club in a city called… heh heh, heh heh…YANK-ton. But even the lone Yelper who gave this place a 4-star review warns, “Adequate describes the bar. Adequate also describes the women -- don't expect to be blown away and you just might be pleasantly surprised." 


Pure Gold’s Crazy Horse (address and info)
Nashville, TN
There is a theory out there that the relative attractiveness of a city’s female population is inversely proportional to its strip club talent. And nowhere does this prove truer than in Nashville, where the best strip club only garners 3.5 stars despite a city loaded with hot women; in fact, more reviewers tout the club's BYOB policy. Still, if you’re in Nash-Vegas for a bachelor party, you can’t beat full nudity and your own booze.



The Lodge (address and info)
Dallas, TX
This might be the one club in America where a stripper tells you she’s working her way through college and you know for 100% certainty that she’s telling the truth, since the women here -- in addition to performing in crazy on-stage shows that include fire juggling, acrobatics, live snakes, and cold milk -- actually compete for college scholarships sponsored by the club.


The American Bush (address and info)
Salt Lake City, UT
As shocked as you were to learn they do serve above 3.2% ABV beer in Utah, you’ll probably be just as surprised to find out they also have strip clubs. And while the strippers aren’t as friendly as, say, the sister missionaries in Temple Square, they are infinitely nicer than ones you’ll find in other cities. Probably because they only take their tops off and don’t have to deal with customers who’ve been drinking, since no alcohol is actually served here.


Planet Rock Gentlemen's Club
Burlington, VT
Apparently Ben and Jerry do not enjoy using all that ice cream money to make it rain on strippers, because if they did Vermont would have a much better selection of strip clubs. As it is, the only one in the state is this topless-only bar, where at least you can see SOMEONE not decked out in six layers of flannel in February.

Minx Gentlemen's Club


Minx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge (address and info)
Virginia Beach, VA
In a military-heavy area like Hampton Roads, competition for the strip club dollar is fierce. But the spot that comes out on top is Minx. For a while, it was considered one of the best night spots in Virginia Beach, period. Now, it’s still the top-rated strip club, with multiple lady Yelpers touting the dancers who are “pretty and super friendly” and “skilled at what they do.”


Kittens Cabaret (address and info)
Seattle, WA
Though Seattle lags far behind its Pac-NW rival Portland when it comes to variety and quality of strip clubs (and it's fallen even further behind with the lamentable closing of the Lusty Lady), the Georgetown area still boasts the best spot in Washington state. Every single Yelper who reviewed Kittens Cabaret stresses how hot the dancers are. And with a $10 cover and $5 drinks, it’s one of the more affordable nightlife options in an increasingly expensive city.

Vixens Club

West Virginia

Vixens Club (address and info)
Bunker Hill, WV
If West Virginia is almost heaven, then heaven must be severely lacking in strip clubs. Because the top-rated, largest club in the state rates a measly three stars, and seems popular mostly because it’s a cheaper, less-stuffy alternative to DC-area strip clubs. So if you’re willing to drive 75 miles on dark, sometimes mountainous highways for a $5 drink and a friendly, fully naked stripper, it’s worth the trip.

Sugar Shack


Sugar Shack (address and info)
Lake Geneva, WI
Some of the hottest women from Chicagoland travel north to dance at this Wisconsin strip joint owned by a former Playboy Club cocktail waitress. Also, twice a week there's an upstairs "Male Revue" that brings in a goodly number of ladies who aren’t afraid to enjoy the female strippers downstairs once the guys finish up their show. A room full of worked-up women and alcohol is never a bad thing, right?


The Den (address and info)
Cheyenne, WY
Yelp, like reliable cell phone service, hasn’t really become widespread in Wyoming. While the state claims a few strip clubs, the only one reviewed was The Den in Cheyenne; it managed three stars. And if you happen to be in Cheyenne on the third Tuesday of the month, you can catch the only all-nude show of the night -- while drinking $2 drafts. The strippers here even run pole dancing classes in their off hours, since apparently being a stripper in Wyoming requires a side job.

Correction: The original version of this article cited W.R.A.P. Gentleman's Club in White River Junction as the best club in Vermont. And it totally would be, if it hadn't burned down.

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