Downtown Kansas City, MO | Flickr/Ted Engler
Hunter Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee | createthis/Shutterstock
Bayou Park, Houston, Texas | Flickr/John Chandler
Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan | Flickr/Rob Vander Sloot
Boise, Idaho | Charles Knowles/Shutterstock
Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida | Michael Weimar / Stringer / Getty Images Entertainment
Waterplace Park, Providence, RI | ESB Professional/Shutterstock
Lexington Market, Baltimore, Maryland | Flickr/lulun & kame
Downtown Greenville, South Carolina | Flickr/Roger Bruce
Windansea Beach, San Diego, California | Sebastien Burel/Shutterstock
Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Flickr/tyle_r
Gulfport, Mississippi | Flickr/ddatch54
Salt Lake City, Utah | f11photo/Shutterstock
Dickson St, Fayetteville, Arkansas | Wesley Hitt / Photographer's Choice / Getty
Street art in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa | Flickr/Andy Langager
Downtown Birmingham, Alabama | Flickr/Dystopos
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