Midway through our tour of the Denver International Airport, media-relations chief Heath Montgomery tells me, "It's kind of amazing that it's lived on as long as it has."
We're standing in the Jeppesen Terminal, a capacious main hall famed for its vaulted white tent roof that mimics the Rocky Mountains to the west, but Montgomery's not talking about the structure or even the sprawling airport itself. He's answering a very important question I'd posed: Why has the wild speculation about the Denver airport persisted for more than 20 years?
The Freemasonry symbol on the capstone | Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
The baggage-area gargoyle | Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
Blue Mustang, aka Blucifer | Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
The Murals | Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
The Secret Tunnels | Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
The Future | Theo Stroomer/Thrillist
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