W ithin an hour of landing at the airport in Miami, you’re going to see something supremely fucked up. Maybe it’s a teenager walking past baggage claim with a python. Maybe it’s a bright orange dude with arms the size of watermelons, walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend whose chest matches his biceps. Maybe it’s a rented Lambo screeching past you on the MacArthur Causeway only to get cut off by a two-tone ‘91 Corolla that didn’t signal while going 30mph. No matter what you see during your time in sunny South Florida, you’ll find yourself repeating a mantra that follows life here like a bad-idea spring break tattoo: “Only in Miami.”

What to Eat and Drink

M iami was rated recently as the number one city for “foodies.” Which might seem odd, given our reputation as a city of people who look like they survive on a steady diet of soda water and white powder. Perhaps this is why we have more gyms than Portland has breweries, and run ads for liposuction during PAW Patrol.
NaiYaRa | Courtesy of NaiYaRa

Miami’s rep as a foodie destination is steady on the rise, with buzzy new hotspots cropping up to tempt even the most fitness-obsessed locals. These restaurants are the best of the best, the proven establishments that have pushed this city’s culinary scene to new heights. Click here for full article...

Cuban from Enriqueta's | Zeinab Kristen/Thrillist

Nowhere is Miami’s rich jumble of South American and Caribbean influences more evident than the food and drink. In a city where even the burgers and coffee will surprise you, seek out these cultural mash-ups of American favorites and must-try dishes you won’t find anywhere else. Click here for full article...

The Broken Shaker | Adrian Gaut

You came to party, because drinking in Miami is basically a tourist attraction in its own right. Whether you’re looking for low-key local institutions, waterfront happy hours, craft cocktails, or an outdoor oasis, these are the absolute best bars to hit. Click here for full article...

Monty's Sunset Bar | Zeinab Kristen/Thrillist

Wander into any ol’ watering hole off Ocean Dr and you’ll likely get smacked with a stupefying $21 tab for one mediocre Skol-and-soda. Barhop like a local and still get your money’s worth -- hit these quintessential Miami joints instead. Click here for full article...


You may not leave Miami without trying the spicy frita, a Cuban culinary staple and one that inspires fierce debate in the 305. But one thing Miamians can agree upon: The frita made by “El Mago” is the city’s absolute finest. Click here for full article...


Fresh guacamole, hand-ground blue masa tortillas, and fried... grasshoppers. Get past the idea that you’re dining on bugs, and you’re in for one unforgettable taco. Click here for full article...

Y our first lesson in figuring out where to sleep tonight: Miami and Miami Beach are two completely different cities, separated by a big body of water. Figure out which city you want to spend more time in, then book there. Most locals avoid crawling across the causeways like we avoid getting real jobs. Checking out both cities is great, spending your vacation in traffic is not.

Here everyone is out to have more fun than anybody else, costs be damned.

Bienvendios a Miami

M ake no mistake, while Miami may technically be in the United States, it is fundamentally a Latin American city. The language, the culture, the food, and the rules are different. Spanish is spoken here like French is in Québec. It’s the language coming over the PA in the airport; it’s the table next to you at dinner ordering “pan con bistec, sin queso.”
South Beach | Robert Clare/Getty Images

No matter where you hail from, this city will strike you as a foreign place -- the language, culture, and rules are different here. Here’s how to avoid getting hustled. Click here for full article...

By Robert Andrew Powell

The version of Miami you imagine first requires a big wristwatch, bottles to pop and fashion models dancing atop a table, and probably, somewhere in the club, the presence of Justin Bieber. But most of us here have been cast in some other version of the city. Click here for full article...

Little Havana | Daniel Korzeniewski/Shutterstock
BY Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld

A century of Cuban influences has helped make Miami the capital of Latin America -- and hands-down the greatest place outside of the island nation itself to experience Cuban culture and food. Click here for full article...

BILLY CORBEN | Courtesy of Billy Corben

“You can still go to great places and have a great time without feeling like an asshole because some bouncer looked at your shoes and said, ‘Not in here with those, you're not.’” Click here for full article...

O nce upon a time, going to Miami was kinda like going to a fancy resort in a developing country. You hopped in a cab at the airport, marveled at the decrepit city as you breezed through, then plopped down on the beach and never left. Now Miami is far more than just a pretty beach, and to get the full experience you’ll need to know how to get around.

At any time, someone going 80mph will cut across four lanes of traffic.

Clevlander pool at Marlins Park | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Sport

Limiting your time here to just the beach and the bar would be an all-too-common mistake. This non-stop party scene has real cultural flair: artsy hangouts, cabaret shows, drag racing, disco bowling, mansion hunting -- and, of course, jai alai. Click here for full article...


Break away from the strip joints, strip malls, and grandma's condominium -- and go explore. We promise you’ll be back to hit the club before midnight. Click here for full article...

M iami runs on sex. This is the only way to justify an otherwise-sane person saying “$800 for a bottle of vodka sounds reasonable.” Because having a bottle of Grey Goose the size of a car muffler in front of you (with sparklers!) might maybe, possibly, get you even a fraction of a chance of going home with a 6ft Brazilian model. Why rent a Bentley to sit in traffic with the top down on a 96-degree day? Sex. It’s the whole reason this city exists.

South Florida is one of the great gay havens in America. Hell, it's one of the great gay havens of the world. But it's easy to miss the good stuff. Click here for full article...

Ocean Drive | Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Locals say South Beach isn’t the real Miami, but who said you came to do anything "real"? Here’s how to imbibe in all the poolside drinking and all-night partying you want -- without getting sucked into tourists traps. Click here for full article...

Jason Hoffman / Thrillist
By Matt Meltzer

Whether it’s swinging, sunbathing nude, or just getting a ball gag stuffed in your mouth and called a dirty little boy, there’s someone in South Florida ready to welcome you. Click here for full article...

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