Jason Hoffman/Thrillist

Here's Why In-Flight Movies Make You Cry Like a Baby

Published On 11/29/2017
I I was glad Walt Kowalski wasn’t alive to see me like this. A grown-ass US Marine crying like a hungry baby, just because some movie on an airplane ended with poor Walt bleeding out on a cold Detroit street.  
"Jesus, Joseph and Mary," he’d have said. "Get off my plane."
But somewhere over the Canary Islands, there I was, straight bawling. On my first transatlantic flight I’d cued up Gran Torino, which stars Clint Eastwood as Walt, a salty old Marine who between racial slurs enjoys drinking PBR and yelling at Hmong kids to get off his lawn. Not exactly your standard tear-jerker.
Jason Hoffman/Thrillist
Jason Hoffman/Thrillist
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