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Why Throwing Away My Bucket List Made Me a Better Traveler

Updated On 01/23/2018 at 04:19PM EST
Santorini, Greece | Andrew Mayovskyy/
Machu Picchu, Peru | aaabbbccc/
Venice, Italy | Muratart/
Chiangmai, Thailand | Patrick Foto/
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F or many people, a big Caribbean cruise means a multi-day party on the open seas. Food, so much food. Cocktails, ditto. “Exotic” port-of-call excursions that amount to a booty call with a new country.
On the flip side, for crew members a cruise can be a grueling ordeal. Long, arduous hours on your feet, no access to land, and lots of cleaning up after passengers whose idea of a vacation is piling up empty buffet plates.