Coffee from its cradle

It's only proper to procure goods from their originators, like an Irish pub for Guinness, or a Russian vodka bar for venomous rants against any country that touches Russia. Get your coffee from its original brewers, at Big Chair Coffee.

Open 7am-7pm in lovely Anacostia, Big's a bright orange, sun-filled, free Wi-Fi caffeine stop run by an Ethiopian immigrant who'll gladly tell you about his native land's ancient discovery of the bean, a tale that involves strange-looking plants and confused, hyperactive goats -- not to be confused with that Psi U Hell Week story starring the same. The showcase offerings are java from Ethiopia's most famous bean-producing region, Yirgachaffe, as well as a separate brew from Harrar, considered the Steve Young to Yirgacheffe's Joe Montana (making Yuban Jim Druckenmiller). For the fancy addict, Big also brews cappuccino, frappuccino, and latte, and serves an inexpensive, Americanized food menu, with breakfast (any-way omelets, bacon & cheese sandwiches), lunchables (veggie/turkey burgers, chicken tenders, steak & cheeses), and daily-rotating soups like "Shrimp & Corn" and "White Chicken Chili", also the name of the least threatening rap group of the early 90's.

Though they're still just waking up, Big Chair will soon host a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony every Sunday, an interesting alternative to the typical ritual of The McLaughlin Group and a bowl of Count Chocula -- though if you procured that from the originator, you're probably no longer a morning person.