Food & Drink

Spanish small plates in Andersonville

Tradition's a wonderful thing, but that's no reason to blindly adhere to it -- thank God, or you'd of been burned as a witch years ago. Respecting tradition while refusing to be its bitch, Tapas Las Ramblas

Owned and cheffed by the original Twist crew, the two-roomed TLR takes a traditional Spanish setting (hand-painted, Gaudi-replica mosaics, red-velvet draperies) and overlays it with just enough lounge-ness (elevated burgundy booths, an L-shaped black leather couch) to keep annoying people from saying "Oh, it's just like Spain". Traditional items are selected by their amenability to American taste, with tapas like Manchego-topped tomato bread over Serrano ham, plus three paellas: Valenciana (chicken, pork, lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams), Mariscos (lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams, scallops, calamari), and Vegetariana (who cares). Ramblas goes new-school with grub like grilled prime-cut beef tenderloin brochette w/ horseradish cream & caramelized onions, cured & smoked salmon (w/ dill sour cream, capers, red onions, & hard-boiled eggs), and a chicken/chorizo/'shroom/garlic sauce served over angel hair -- a delicious way to give Spain "The Boot"

Booze-wise, the red Burgundy sangria's amped up with 3 liquors (brandy + two secrets), and the 13-strong mojito/martini list includes nontraditional fuel like the tequila/Cointreau/OJ "Spanish Fly" -- named after the very potion that would've gotten you burned as a witch.