Bathroom Buddy

The catch-22 of adult beverages: by the time they lend you the confidence of someone hung like a racehorse, you have to pee like one. For a little pill that helps you with the being hung second part, take Bathroom Buddy.From two Miami buds who lost too many "babes" when their game was interrupted by visits to the little boys' room, BB's a Tylenol-sized capsule based on military technology that stops you from peeing for a solid eight hours, so you can enjoy a night on the town without visiting a single urinal, at least until it's time to change the cakes again. How it works: once in your gut, BB expands to a softball-sized, readily digestible microfiber sponge (think those sink-borne dino pills from childhood), that soaks up sloshing liquid while allowing booze to be metabolized; after eight hours the Buddy's processed as solid food, a familiar experience for all except Rip Torn. And don't you worry your pretty little head, BB's vomit-friendly: it stays down at the bottom of your stomach as you convulse, allowing loose contents to be evacuated, an experience extremely familiar to all, especially those named Rip Torn.BB's also good for more than just an uninterrupted night on the town: they recommend using it to avoid piss stops on road trips, save money on adult diapers when taking care of incontinent grandparents, and gain a serious upper hand when betting friends about who can hold it the longest -- helping you recoup what you lost when previously betting on your "racehorse".