Ray's-ing the bar

It's the little things that make all the difference, which is why it's amazing that Warwick Davis isn't in more romantic comedies. Fixing the annoying little problems of its predecessor, Rays Hell Burger Too.

Now open, Too is the down-the-street, much-improved second coming of Ray's Hell Burger; a wood-beamed 40-seater with a stone-arched entrance, it's upped the awesome with booze, new burger options, and actual sit-down table service, in total addressing all the crappy little things about going to Ray's like, "going to Ray's". While all the classic patties remain, the menu's been juiced up with extra-serious new options like a plum sauce-glazed Wild Boar Burger, served with "Hanoi style" Vietnamese seasonings including sesame oil, garlic, and cilantro; a grilled/marinated portobello joint with eggplant/peppers/onions/smoked mozzarella; and a roasted chestnut puree/beet tuiles Venison Burger with a sour cherry-brandy glaze, also the reaction observed when Moesha was cancelled. Finally recognizing that massive gourmet burgers require booze, Too's got basic wine by the glass or a 1/2 bottle of Napa's Flora Spring Cab, plus limited-but-quality beer bottles like Belgium's Delirium Tremens and Delirium Nocturnum, and Bell's Two Hearted Ale, the most handsomely bronzed product to come out of Kalamazoo, Michigan since Derek Jeter.

To save some room for the aforementioned intoxicants, Too's also introduced a down-sized, 1/3lb version of their famously-filling classic Hell Burger dubbed "The Li'l Devil" -- also the name of the in-production rom-com starring Kate Hudson as a charming party planner, and Davis as the evil Leprechaun.