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Wings + Horns

The discerning man gets his wares from the nations that do them best, whether it's luxury automobiles from the Germans, or charms that protect against Forest Trolls from the Norwegians. Get cold-weather gear from a country expert in not freezing to death -- the Canadians -- with Wings + Horns

Just arrived from Vancouver, Wings' new drop stylishly employs heavy wool, flannel, and fleece to create handsomely effective protection against winter's icy grip, though it's powerless against winter's kung-fu grip, because nothing can stop that. Warm fuzziness starts with a Snuggie-reminiscent melton wool button-down with triple front pockets; a charcoal, overdyed flannel buttondown with interior zipper closure; a decidedly not-old-mannish box-rib cardigan; a gray, oxford melton wool Field Jacket with shoulder epaulets and generous twin lower front pockets; and the "Tiger Fleece Shawl Neck Zip-up Hoodie", which you'll cherish for years before it abruptly mauls you in front of thousands of paying customers. Wings also keeps your legs and feet from turning blue, with gray or indigo slim fit raw denim jeans, and their vaunted black or brown leather, handcrafted Dayton Service Boots, whose distinctive toe-up shape comes from being balled up and dunked in water, aka, waterbooting.

Finally, for the prized naked-yet-toasty look, Wings offers two blankets, royal-blue or gray tiger fleece, and an oxford melton wool number with a snap-up pocket; just don't hog your bedding, or you'll be accused of being elfish.