2009, the Year in Headlights

Food: Everyone sat down to eat even as the French slaughter took place outside, feasting on a glorious combination of meat before retiring to drink and play the games they so love.

Drink: The men raised their glasses as they swore allegiance to the golden rule, and decided to meet in secretive lairs, sharing the entry code only with those who had proven their commitment.

Gear: United by the ties that bind, ATL celebrated a fashion landscape dominated by dropouts who'd done good, even though they know their days on top were numbered.

Events: A gaggle of truly classy ladies banded together to throw a fundraiser for the ages, to save a place that had been heretofore the picture of conflict.

Services:Knowing was half the battle in helping people to understand the true cost of the situation, in which eventually, man's best friend valiantly earned a place in everyone's hearts.