Food & Drink

Midtown eats with fresh food from local GA farms

While the dream of living a Bohemian lifestyle is appealing, attaining it becomes slightly more difficult after you realize it has nothing to do with thunderbolts of lightning which're very very frightening. Giving you worldly dining with a healthy dose of Bohemian atmosphere, Amuse

Opening Monday in the former Allegro space, Amuse! is the newest lair of foreign-influenced brunch, lunch, and dinner from the Café Diem group (Carpe Diem, Carroll St. Café, Village Pizza), decked to feel like a beat-poet hangout, minus the Benzedrine: leather-belt-strapped columns, a chain-hung candle chandelier over a community table, a wall collage of bicycle wheels, and a front seating area featuring a low coffee table with mini bicycle wheels as legs, although unfortunately lacking a kickstand for when you've had a few too many. Meat, dairy, and produce come from GA farms, including Asian-inspired orange glazed pork w/ apple slaw and cherry mostarda on ciabatta bread, and crispy ginger squid w/ lime, shisho and chile aioli; for Southern fare, there's organic chicken & dumplings, and pan-fried Carolina bass w/ crispy potato, arugula and lemon roe aioli, or you can swing Mediterranean with the crispy Spanish mackerel with chickpeas, mint, sultanas, and eau de tomate, which if splashed behind your ears, is a step up from Tommy Girl. Weekend brunch delivers Catalan baked eggs w/ Spanish chorizo, Sweet Georgia shrimp & grits, local fried chicken (w/ an English cheddar waffle & apple butter), and Berkshire pork hash, w/ poached farm eggs, and red eye hollandaise, which obviously forgot the first rule when it comes to hash: always bring Visine

To keep patrons smiling, Amuse! has 25 reds/25 whites and plenty of bottled beers, including imports like Stella, Duvel, Paulaner, and Kronenbourg from France, which should loosen you up enough to chat with neighboring Frenchmen regarding the relevance of Scaramouche, Scaramouche, and ask them politely if they'll do the Fandango.