Bar Madness

The most important element of college hoops' grand finale isn't the players, or the coaching -- it's the bar you watch the games in. And an unobstructed view of the TVs (seriously, 6'6" Guy: find a chair, stand in the back, or go try out for the Nets, they could use the help.)

Now Thrillist wants your help in identifying the best sports bars in America for catching the college tourney -- and in return, they're giving you a shot at a great big bar tab. Welcome to the Bar Madness Sweepstakes.

Bar Madness is a user-driven, 7-round, nationwide elimination tournament pitting 52 sports bars (about half pre-selected by Thrillist) against each other until only one's left standing, or, being a bar, leaning on a stool for support. Nominate your favorite sports bar(s) using the handy Yahoo! Search box and clicking the appropriate result (ensuring that Shenanigans won't be misspelled and, more importantly, that you nominate the right Shenanigans). Every round you vote in, regardless of how your bars fare, you'll be entered to win the corresponding prize, up to $4,350. And, you don't have to be in one of the represented cities to participate -- someone in Kalamazoo can vote on bars in Miami and still win, thereby making him by far the most popular person in Kalamazoo.

Winners and fresh voting rounds will be announced via text boxes on the left side of your regular emails. Keep entering, because the most important element of success isn't talent, looks, or even sweet, sweet nepotism -- it's persistence.